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  1. Yo James, No doubt, I've definitely had some great experiences with the commercial stuff. Unfortunately it seems like a lot of times you're copying a temp or doing something kind of outrageous, plus you often don't have much connection to the creative directors (several times removed). I don't want to go into specific examples because the world is small! I'm not doing enough of it for it to really ruin my life or anything (I spend most of my time touring playing live). I'm just looking for some other outlets. Anyways, I'm not here to go into the ins and outs of all of that. I'm ho
  2. Hey James, That's actually not vague at all. Great references. I've done some work to picture with the commercial stuff, but unfortunately that usually not very rewarding. The direction can be overly confined stylistically, and so much has to happen in 30 seconds with it always being about some product looking awesome. In film (and television recently), there's so much more room for development and genre bending. That's what's drawing me to it. Actually the very things you're talking about. Right now I'm focused on production music (library stock type stuff), since that's a door
  3. Hey Phil, The second profile I have posted are corporate type tracks, and those are completely royalty free as per my agreement with that retailer. They aren't allowed to be registered with any PROs. I also don't work with adrev or any of those DCMA type orgs that grab YouTube revenue based on copyright (I've noticed several royalty free authors using this loophole to get backend). That just seems a bit dirty. The SoundCloud profile tracks, on the other hand, will depend on which libraries I end up working with and their policies. I believe those companies re-register the works under
  4. Hey this is great information for me. I've definitely been tending towards making an impression - or at least leaving more subdued music to an alternative mix that might not get noticed (including my royalty free stuff). Thank you for your input!
  5. Hey folks, Newbie, and enjoying the wealth of info here. I'm wondering if you can tell me what you look for when you're licensing music for your projects. I'm a professional music producer now for about 15 years, but only recently getting into music for film/tv/ads. I have 2 separate projects going at the moment. I am working on a portfolio of music for license, and/or to represent my abilities for bespoke projects over here: https://soundcloud.com/whitesploits I am also uploading corporate motivational type stuff for the Royalty Free site AudioJungle over here: http://tinyu
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