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    Canon Gl-1, Canon 814 AZ,, Specialized in 16mm and ENG/EFP cameras of various makes and formats
  1. Well that didn't last long, if it went out of production that quickly.If NoLab super 8 was an April Fool, I don't get the joke. I see what you're saying and normally I agree with your assessment of retrofit, however this kid's retrofit doesn't look expensive or labour intensive at all. I'm sure not too many cameras could be fitted like this except the Bell and Howell or possibly a Bolex. As far as film consumption, I agree with your philosophical assessment, however, I wasn't suggesting doing away with shooting film, only cutting back from less than necessary expenditure.I didn't see that the
  2. Hi Folks, I didn't go to film school. Most of my training came from internships in middle and high school (also my family was in local television) and those connections worked into jobs when I got out of school, so I'm not familiar with the film school scene, in fact, many of my mentors in the business advised me that unless I had a lot of money and could afford UCLA (this was 1978, by the way) or something equivalent, not to waste time and money on film school, especially since I had already had a good bit of hands on training during my volunteer work. It worked out for me pretty we
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