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  1. Recently upgraded to Cine Live but this very rig got me so far in my career. Everything is in excellent shape. Very smooth gimbal/arm [recently serviced by Tiffen]. Can fly and power a stripped Alexa no problem! Come by and test it yourself. I live in North Hollywood and will give a crashcourse lesson if you are new to the community. FLYER LE HARDWARE (cost $12,000 new): Flyer-LE Sled w/ V-Lock Battery Mount, 7" LCD Cutout 1650 Pelican Dovetail Plate Docking Bracket w/ aircraft pin 2 X PowerCube Batteries (new IDX E-HL9S) Dual Charger Iso-Elastic Arm (24lb carry
  2. Thats for all the great advice everyone @stuart do you have the final product online anywhere?
  3. 24FPS, ISO 800 or 1600. Yes I want to close down for max DOF
  4. Hi, I'm about to shoot a low budget music video. I will be SCUBA diving with a 5D mrk iii, at the bottom of an 8-9 foot pool. Talent will only be a couple feet underwater. I will line the pool with black cloth to make it seem like a large lake. Can i get enough light out of an M18 or do I need a 4kHMI? I'm not sure how much light is lost bouncing off the top of the water and how much the water itself will diffuse the light... Secondarily, should I black the bottom of the pool to reduce fill to get a nice ratio? I hope some please on this forum have experience shooting underwater.
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