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  1. "Hello everyone, i wanna buy an ANDROID TV BOX with fast running CPU and Quad-Core processor, and it is integrated with the function of Karaoke, video chat, and supports high-definition 4K videos as well, so can anyone recommend one?"--From yahoo answer. Hey buddy, I find that a company called CSQ, that’s the abbreviation name, has launched this kind of product called CS4K player, and see more at its Official Website: www.sz-csq.com, in addition, it has participated in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, and its product is good, I would like to share the following details gained from Official Description with you; CS4K Android TV Box Player is the first Andrews player with Quad-core, eight graphics chip, Wireless karaoke, and camera function in the industry; System Introduction: Use RK3288 CPU, Quad-Core Cortex-A17, GPU Mali-T764; And dominant frequency up to 1.8GHz under operation; RAM of 2GB; Flash memory storage of 8G/16G; 2.4G/5.8G wifi Antenna, Ultra-high-speed uploading and downloading by WIFI; 1000M wired network provides the best online environment for enthusiasts Full support high-definition 4K videos and ultra-high-definition H.265 compressed videos; High sensitive Dual Wireless Microphones support karaoke function; Patented rotating camera design; 5 million-pixel high-definition camera supports video recording and video chat; 42DB Built-in microphone for video recording and video chat; Product details: Hardware Configuration: Functions of this karaoke player; Dual wireless karaoke; Supplied with two rechargeable wireless microphones; Use the APK softwares including karaoke of Tianlai, Daren, Mr.K, Kuwo, and so on; Connected to your ordinary or high-end stereo at home, it can provide you a KTV atmosphere whenever and wherever possible to sing freely and an optimum approach to achieve the dream as the voice of China. Patented rotating camera design: 5 million-pixel high-definition camera supports video recording and video chat; 42DB Built-in microphone for video recording and video chat;
  2. "I’m looking for a video-chatting BOX with XBMC. Does anybody have good suggestions for me?" Hi,friend. According to your requirement, ANDROID TV BOX served for video and voice chat can rarely commercially available at present. But luckily, one months ago I happened to get one modeled CS918S. This CS918S is equipped with a 5 million vga built-in camera, a microphone and a quad-core CPU. It also allows H.265-formated video programs of 4K as well as video chat. Moreover, it can be used for a video call through SKYPE. When you want to have fun,you can play the video-game Cut Fruit.Wish this can help you.
  3. I have seen some questions and responses in this regards in this forum. I am not very convinced, so I shoot the question again. Is it possible to feed PV cells with LED lighting? With LED's coloured lighting is easier, and getting a frequency in the range rated for a panel is easier. But would we be producing more energy than what we supply for the LED panel? I am considering a model as follows; 1 PV panel open to sun. This would power my LED panels and temperature regulators(Not an AC but some fan setup). 1 or 2 PV panel working with the LED panels, inside a temperature regulated closed environment. Would this be an efficient design?
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