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  1. Hi guys, thank you for sharing your experience and tips! Love all the encouragement! I'll hop on the ride and just enjoy it! Any tips on remembering names on set? I always having a hard time putting faces with names together. @Satsuki, the sunrise looks awesome!
  2. I would love to pick on someone's brilliant brain on this topic. I have been a DP for about 10 years, and have mostly dealt with indle low budget features. Now I might get a chance to film one of the studio budgeted project. While I'm very excited to have all the toys I could be playing with, I'm also freaked out a little and wondering if I am really up for the job. Could someone share their experiences when they landed on their first big job? Besides doing all the homework on technicality, how do you prepare yourself to have the correct mind set and not worrying about screwing up? and how did it go?
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