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  1. About recording/storage, what's being used to record the 4K ISO simultaneously? I would guess the switch output would need to be recorded separately unless there's a turnkey system that takes care of all of this in one massive unit. Thank you Adrian!
  2. Thank you Adrian, I googled the switch, ATEM 1 M/E Production Switcher, found this while reading on it, person said it's really picky on frame rates only accepting 59.94. The reason I'm looking to future proof, quite honestly is because of a situation where no one else is getting particular interviews, and if that trend continues... well I thought it's worth looking into 4K over just upscaling later for (maybe) better value. I've also read Sony is shooting their TV shows now in 4K... Thank you Brian, good point. The only counter point I would have right now is how 4K anything is in high demand overseas (eg Samsung) according to a distributor I've talked to recently. But I do appreciate your comment, thank you.
  3. Hi everyone! I'd like to ask what you think about the following, If you were to shoot a multicam television show in 4K to future proof it for the coming UHD technology and broadcast specs.... what would you shoot it with? I was looking at the pros and cons of renting either RED Epic, RED Scarlet, Sony F55 CineAlta, and the Panasonic 4K Varicam. How would you keep cost low as possible while maintaining a smooth workflow for a 3 unit camera setup? And what would you do differently for a talk show as opposed to a reality show? For a talk show, I've been told 60fps in HD is the normal recording format to give a live feel, I was under the impression that was the case only because many television cameras captured frames interlaces and not progressive? So considering most of these 4K cameras (I think) capture progressive, would 60fps still be needed? And to wrap this up with a final question, how would you both stream each of the 3 4K feeds to a switch as well as record all 3 stream individually? While keeping costs as low as possible. Sorry for all the questions, it's just it's a new frontier and I haven't found a whole lot published about this.
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