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  1. Hi Robert, Yeah I once considered in getting the A7s but unfortunately it's waaay out of my price range.
  2. Thank you for the help guys.. Finally, the GH4 is available in my country.. It's about $1800.. I'll be getting it by the second week of August..
  3. I appreciate the replies guys.. I just found out that Panasonic doesn't have a retailer here in the Philippines (causing them to become super overpriced). So I I just have to wait a couple of months to be the GH4 and GH4 become available. Luckily, my school let's you borrow the a camera and lights.
  4. @Phil I think the difference is about 500 to 700USD @Freya Is the 50d better than the 60d? (video wise) @aapo Yeah, I am planning to shoot in 4k and down scale it. Therre are features of the GH4 that are quite nice and tempting lol. But I don't know if the price difference is worth it.
  5. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to find GH1 and GH2 here in the Philippines. The GH3 is around $1900 with 14-140mm. I am yet to find a GH3 body only. But I am guessing it is around $1400. So I narrowed down my choices to GH3 and GH4. My question is: is it worth the money if I go GH4 instead of GH3?
  6. Thank you for your reply, guys. The 5d2 is not on my list anymore, Thanks to your advice. I'm thinking of getting the GH4 because I think 4K is the Future. But is the GH4's 4K feature too young? Is it practical to just get the GH3 and wait for a better 4k camera in the future or just get the GH4?
  7. Hi Adrian, I appreciate your reply. Yes I'm leaning towards a Used 5D Mk2, the price is around 1000 USD. A Used Mk3 is around 2000 USD (which is out of my budget). But my concern is: 1. Is 5D MK2 better than the GH3? (a Used GH3's price is around 1k USD.) 2. Is there will be a time that GH3 will surpassed the GH2? (Hacking) 3. The one holding me back in getting the 5d MK2 is the Aliasing problem in which is why others avoid it. Yeah, I know those are little things but I'm more comfortable of buying the camera that last for me at least 3years.
  8. Hi, My D7000 got stolen the other day. And next week I'll be starting on my filmschool. So I want to ask you guys on what DSLR will I get. I'm getting DSLR because occasionally I'm doing photo walks with my friends. I was eyeing for GH2 but unfortunately I can't find any sellers here in my country. Any thoughts on what to buy? My Budget is $1000-$1200 Thanks in advance.
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