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  1. Alright before I continue, let me say... Im not exactly a gear head. Im much more about the feeling, and always say you can make a great film shooting on a toaster if you have the right ideas/script etc. The reason im writing this is because late last year I purchased a Red Epic-W and while Ive been able to shoot some nice content, I keep running into stupid issues with the camera itself. Im not alone actually. Others are constantly complaining about the "green cast" and all sorts of other bugs that you would think wouldnt be present on a "high end" camera. Im just wondering.. did the alexa mini come with a bunch of bugs as well? Maybe this has already been discussed., would appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction. And if not.. What do you prefer to shoot on when it comes to reliability. Thanks
  2. Ive noticed that it really matters the color temperature of a bulb before you add gels. For example If im looking for a blue look, I would need to use a daylight source to really get some blue.. is that the case with all gels? Or just CTO and CTB? Thanks!
  3. Hey guys. Looking for some info on how to achieve the neon/flourescent look and what types of bulbs/lights/gels you all are using. an example is attached. Would love to hear your ideas
  4. John, i just checked out that documentary. Inspiring. He made those women look amazing.
  5. Will, that footage looks crispy for the price. Man im itching to get one. Check this out: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Canon-Scoopic-16M-16mm-Film-Movie-Camera-Great-Condition-/331764512370?hash=item4d3eb4b672:g:sEUAAOSwvUlWqVus
  6. Christian, thanks for mentioning this camera. I have checked out the footage available on vimeo, and I definitely like what I see. I was thinking of getting the canon scoopic, great 16m MOS cam too but, this is more than half the price and there is many available super16s. What is the max you would pay for one? Thanks bud!
  7. Thanks for all this info Jay and Will. Exactly what I needed. I guess ultra-16 isnt bad If i dont mind the film info popping up on the side. Is your scoopic upgraded to super or ultra 16? Even if its not, do you have any sample footage I could take a look at? Thanks again!
  8. Hey guys, so while Ive shot film in still cameras for years, Ive never really went over to motion picture film. (I shoot digital) My questions are: I see a lot of talk about the Scoopic MS and ultra 16. Im trying to really understand what the difference between ultra 16 and non ultra 16 is. Also, while looking for footage taken from this camera, I notice some frames are 4x4 or 4x5 and some also are 16:9 looking.. How do I make sure I get 16:9 I appreciate the help. In the meantime i will continue digging through these archives you all have made here on this great database. Thanks to all of you.
  9. Hey guys, I know there have been discussions like this in the past, although not sure how old they are so I would like to start a new one. I am looking for an intensive DP/Cinematography course in the US. Maine Media and New york film academy seem to be somewhat of scams. Looking for a masters course on cinematography, technology, lighting etc. Let me know thanks! www.carlosdevarona.com
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