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  1. Hello! I am looking for feedback on my reel. Brutal honesty appreciated. What can I improve on in my images?
  2. Are there any good resources or spread sheets that lay out all the popular cinema camera platforms side by side with in depth specs on the sensors. (Size,shape,fill factor, ect...)
  3. Thank you Guy! This sounds like a great lighting exercise. Thank you for the time you took to post this.
  4. I have my camera at 1/40th but i guess 1/50th would be closer to 180- what my meter is set to- now that I think about it.
  5. Thank you for the response, Adrian! I have the Sekonic L-758cine. That was my assumption but when out on my first test run I took some incident readings in talents location. the exposure reading seemed to blow out the talent. I typically like to stay at specific stop and light accordingly but when I lit to that stop It seemed... wrong? EDIT: Using a 7D Talent was reading at roughly a f.2 (off the key) and I had my Iris set to 4/5./6 and it seemed to expose properly at that point. But my logic was that If they read at a f2 and I am at a 4/5.6 shouldnt the key be super dark?
  6. Hey guys, Thank you in advance for any advice I may get. I have been striving to develop my skills as a cinematographer and recently purchased a light meter to aid in achieving consistent lighting/ lighting ratios. I have yet to get the hang of using my meter or interpreting the information. I don’t want to rely on the often inaccurate monitor for judging exposure. I was wondering if anybody had ideas on what would be some good exercises that would help me better understand my light meter and it’s readings because I feel some sort of disconnect between my readings and what my cameras set exposure. Thanks.
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