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  1. This is great John. Thanks for the write-up! Did you apply film grain over the top in post or are all those images the native digital noise from 2500 ASA? Regardless, looks lovely mate. Cheers, Darmon. www.dcdarmon.com
  2. Thanks Dom. Great material! Don has confirmed what I thought this camera could do. The 5K ASA would be a real saving in the lighting department if needed!
  3. Thanks for the reply mate. As I expected, the sheet specs live up to what they're claiming. Such a shame the market didn't take it in.
  4. Good Morning, Afternoon & or Evening to who is reading this. I'm an owner operator out of Sydney, Australia. Recently I've had two major issues on set with an Ursa G2 which has lead me to get rid off it as I can't afford to have major malfunctions on set with paying clients who expect gear that works. Currently I'm renting for jobs, which is great for some jobs, but not financially beneficial for a lot of my work. Now, I find myself in the market for a reliable system that can deliver high-end files etc etc etc. I'm considering the usual, Arri, Red etc (although I do rent these for jobs that require it). However, I've always been quite intrigued by the Panasonic Varicam LT, and I will be renting one soon to get to know the colour science & camera in general a little better. Finally to my question - There is clearly a huge lack of material based around the Varicam LT, which is why I turn to ya'll. Is there anyone here that can shed some light on the system and how it has worked for them in the field? There are sub 500 hour kits going for under $10K which seems like an absolute bargain when you see the camera on paper. Any information regarding the camera pro or con will be ultra helpful. Thank you in advance, Darmon Moore
  5. Ok fair call, Aliasing, Moire and rolling shutter are beyond a pain! Man those lenses are gorgeous, but with my budget I couldn't see myself affording any of those soon :( How do you feel the 4k uncompressed and or ProRes HQ, holds up against the 2.5k uncompressed raw? Darmon.
  6. Ummmmmmmmmmm WHY! I would be furious!! please don't tell me this is common.
  7. Hey Oron, that was a very interesting post you put there. I didn't really look at it that way, thank you :) Now I have considered all the BMCC cameras on the same level, it just comes down to what would be the right one. In relation to the 4k and 2.5k version. If I were to go for these, my hunch is to move towards the 2.5k version for the plain fact that the raw is uncompressed, where as the 4k is compressed. I don't need 4k, that is much to big for the market (vimeo etc) I am going to be practicing in. Don't get me wrong, down scaling the 4k image looks beautiful, but again, I think 4k is too large for me at the moment. Plus when they bring out the 'raw' from the 4k there is no way I want to deal with those files sizes :) for the 2.5k version I would go with the MFT with a metabones, bringing it closer to the Super 35mm sensor size. Darmon.
  8. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tilta-BMPCC-Dslr-Rig-Cage-MatteBox-Handle-95Wh-V-MOUNT-Battery-Fo-Blackmagic-/251382660684 This looks pretty neat.
  9. Thanks for the reply Phil. In terms of the cage/handle etc I was looking at something like, thoughts? http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1020904-REG/ikan_tilta_es_t13_black_magic.html The thing to remember is that the lenses, batteries, tripod, baseplate and other accessories will cost you more than the camera and will probably last you longer than the camera - the actual light sensor is only a small part of the equation. Completely agree, I want to invest in some accessories that will last for camera systems to come and go. As for lenses, I have heard and seen great things about the Rokinon/Samyang budget CINE kit. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1016626-REG/rokinon_super_fast_t1_5_cine.html The quality of these lenses for their price are seriously remarkable. Plus they come with follow focus notches and T stops. I would probably get the Metabones Pocket camera addtion, to get those wider angles and more light. as for tripods and EVFS/Monitors, I'm quite inexperienced in that area. Darmon.
  10. After reading everyone's posts and looking at some reviews/footage etc, this BMPCC is really starting to sway me. The image you can get out of such a small camera (AND YOU GET RAW!!!) is quite phenomenal. At the moment I think blowing money on the 2.5k or the 4k is probably going to be a waste of money. Seeing as my direct market at the moment is going to be on the web. As Freya, Alex, Artyom - Well basically everyone has said, the BMPCC is amazing for it's size and price. This means I can spend some money on things I can use with later cameras down the track. Lenses Tripod External Monitor (if need be) Cage Rods Audio Equipment Lighting etc. So I suppose my question now is, what gear should I be looking at getting if I were to purchase the BMPCC. Once again, your professional advice is beyond helpful guys. Darmon.
  11. The only problem with this, is I can't just pick up my kit and go do some spontaneous shooting. I have to order,book, pick up etc. I really just want a tight nit kit that will serve me well, something I can put in countless filming hours with. Plus at this stage, renting would be a waste of money in my opinion.
  12. Hey everyone, I've just finished reading through all the recent replies. Thanks so much for all your input, very appreciative :) This is where I am at in terms of what camera kit I would like to invest in: 4K BMCC: No more rolling shutter issues Minimized Aliasing/Moire, in relation to BMCC 2.5k/BMPCC The crop is a little better, only at 1.7 on the 4K version. BMPCC: $1000 :) Small, lightweight and compact More money for Lenses,tripod etc. Great dynamic range, image is still great. FS700 (Not ruling this out) XLR ND's 2K/4K with Odyssey S-log2 (I personally think the BMCC is better in this respect) 35mm Sensor FPS variety So they are some of the Advantages of getting these different cameras. Could get away with something like 5-7K with the BMPCC for a basic kit, where as i'd be looking at 10-15K with the FS700 for a kit that would support this particular camera. the BMCC as Oron pointed out could easily be kitted out with 10K. I've had a look at the new Sony A7s, it's intriguing with it's 4k (especially with the new Atmos Shogun) and it's 720p 120 FPS. However I have this weird feeling that there is going to be some issues with that camera, we will have to wait and see I guess. I know some of you have posted explaining that tripods and lens's are more important, and yes I agree, I will be spending good amounts on those to ensure their longevity in my kits to come. However at the moment I want to figure out the camera that is actually going to sit on that tripod for now :) then I can pick the best pieces for that camera. Again, some very insightful experience being added to this post. Really really appreciate it!!! Darmon.
  13. WOW!, that is a serious game changer. They say shipping in July, that must be in 2078 knowing the folks at black magic ;)
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