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  1. Ah. Try this one.. lifx.com/products/lifx Or just google Lifx A60
  2. Hey, I used these LIFX A60 LED bulbs last week with good results - https://uk.lifx.com/collections/featured-products/products/lifx - Has anyone had experience using them for high speed shooting, and do they have flicker issues? We're looking to shoot 120FPS Cheers, Greg
  3. We used these LIFX bulbs last week with good results. Has anyone had experience using them for high speed shooting, and do they have flicker issues? We're looking to shoot 120FPS Cheers, Greg
  4. Ok this works. I bought a DVR, which are usually used to record CCTV footage. The phono from the video assist goes to the DVR video-in, then another phono cable from the DVR video-out to the monitor. Playback can be viewed on the monitor, and the DVR records onto an SD card so can be easily viewed on a laptop. The DVR is small and very light, it's attached to the back of the monitor with adhesive velcro. A small 12v battery powers the monitor and the DVR, I'm looking into ways to attach this battery. Pics and links below. Apologies for my shoddy phone camera.. http://m.ebay.co.uk/...8624?nav=SEARCH
  5. Cheers Adrian, good idea - I'm gonna order one of these: http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/290936668624?nav=SEARCH I'll let you know how it works out!
  6. Hey, I'm looking for some technical expertise.. I have an Arri SR3 Adv, with a video assist - see pic. The output is an analogue phono cable which I have running into a small 7" monitor. The only practical use for the video assist, and all I need it for, is framing. All in all the set-up works pretty well, but it would be handy if I had a way to record the video assist image. Does anyone know a simple way to record the signal? Either an affordable small recording monitor with phono input, or I was thinking perhaps some hardware and software to turn the analogue signal to digital and record on a laptop. Has anyone had any experience with this? Thanks, Greg
  7. Hello everyone, So.. I have just bought an Arri SR3 super 16, it's 7kg with 400ft loaded mag. So including lens, video assist, and matte box it's looking like being 10kg. I have about £500 for tripod and head, but I could poss pay a bit more for a real bargain. I've been looking at these below, but I it's difficult to make any decision when I can't find the specs of these and others.. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VINTEN-PRO-TOUCH-130-professional-heavy-duty-tripod-plus-carry-case-/291173729345?pt=UK_Tripods_Monopods&hash=item43cb4e8441 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vinten-Avocet-90-tripod-fluid-head-better-than-sachtler-video-professional-/281358665972?pt=UK_Tripods_Monopods&hash=item41824888f4 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CARTONI-ALFA-100mm-Fluid-Head-single-stage-tripod-with-middle-spreader-/291174640846?pt=UK_Tripods_Monopods&hash=item43cb5c6cce So my questions: Would you recommend any of these for an SR3? When a tripod spec states it's max load, is that with some kind of built-in safe guard or is it's optimum use is with less weight than the stated maximum? Would using a tripod at it's maximum load damage the tripod? Do you tend to get better deals buying a tripod-head together or separate? Obviously, if anyone has or knows of anyone with a suitable tripod and head for sale let me know. Thanks a lot, Greg
  8. Hey, thanks for all the replies. After a few evenings looking around internet forums I did track down info on the Century filters, and coincidentally it ties in with the edge finishing questions that have come up. Ryan Avery from Schneider Optics says that the Century filters "do not feature the edge seal like our standard Schneider filters but are the same in every other way - The quality is the same on these as the regular Schneider filters except they aren't edge sealed". "The edge sealing is made on standard Schneider filters for two reasons. One, Schneider filters are made for the most demanding environments (Hollywood Rental Houses) and therefore the edge sealing prevents the incidence of chipping. While this is a minor problem that usually only comes up in heavy use environments, it does give that extra margin of safety. Chipping is also something that is inherent to all filters with or without edge sealing as they are still made of glass at the end of the day. Two, edge sealing can prevent delamination of the filter in high heat environments. Either way we warranty our filters and are very reasonable in the rare incidences of delamination." You can read the full thread here: http://www.dvinfo.net/forum/great-deals-dv-info-net-sponsors/109240-new-century-4x4-filters-do-you-use-filters.html So was definitely worth doing the research, as for all intensive purposes they are Schneider filters, but half the price! The only drawn back is that, at the moment there's only a limited range of Cenury 4x4s available. I've just picked a Century 4X4 0.6 soft grad. Greg
  9. I'm not planning to buy cheap and hope for the best, or I wouldn't have started the thread. I'm simply trying to find out if there's a money saving option that won't degrade the image, which these Century filters might be. But if they are not, then I'll just have to buy expensive filters. Wasting money on shoddy kit that's going to make everything look shite would obviously be naive, but for me sheeping along following the received wisdom without researching stuff for yourself is just as stupid. Cheers for the heads-up on the formatt filters!
  10. Thanks Adrian, if money wasn't a finite resource I would agree with you 100%. But the reality is there are lots of things I need to buy, including a 20kg load tripod and a good fluid head. What I spend on filters I can't spend on other stuff. So I'm trying to see if there's a good cheaper option, that won't affect the image quality. I'm hoping these Century filters are it, and just seeing if anyone here can give me the 411. While I appreciate your opinion, what I would really like is if anyone has some actual info on these filters, because without that we're all just speculating. Thanks, Greg
  11. I'm not sure, Century is Schneider's digital video branch. Also the Century filters are cheaper than Tiffen or Formatt glass 4x4 filters, which is not usually the case with Schneider filters. If the filters are re-branded Schneider glass I'd definitely buy, but I don't think that's the case. Annoying that this info, or info on the filter material, isn't included in the Century filters brochure. If anyone can clear this up for me would be much appreciated. Cheers, Greg
  12. Hello, I'm looking at buying a 4x4 0.6 graduated filter and perhaps a few more 4x4 filters. I'd like to go for glass, but obviously the cost is a consideration. To be used with Arri SR3 super16. What you guys recommend? Tiffen or Formatt seem to be the only manufacturers of 4x4 glass grads. Are there others? Also I came across these Century filters. Has anybody had any experience with them and would recommend them? Are they glass or plastic? https://www.schneideroptics.com/pdfs/century/brochures/CP_FilterKit.pdf Thanks, Greg
  13. Anyone got a 4x3 grad filter 0.6 knocking around that they fancy selling me? Cheers, Greg
  14. Hello all, I've just bought myself an Arri SR3 advanced. I'm now looking to buy: Matte box, that can take 100x100mm or 100x125mm or 100x150mm filters. Something like this Truelens Kestrel would suit: http://www.truelens.co.uk/index.php?webpage=product_detail.php&product_id=72697&cID=20213 Up to £150 Soft grad 0.6 filter - 100x100mm or 100x125mm or 100x150mm. Up to £80 Suitable tripod with video head. Up to £500 Please get in touch if you have any of these items within my price range. Many thanks, Greg
  15. Hello, I'm in the market for a super-16 camera with video assist/tap, 400ft mags, crystal sync at 24/25. Got my eye out for an Arri SR2, SR3, or an Aaton, although a reliable Eclair NPR could do the trick. A camera in Europe is preferable as import duty costs a fortune. Looking to spend £1000 - £2000 ($1650 - $3300) depending on the model and condition. Thanks, Greg
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