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    I am pursuing a Media Studies MA at The New School. I consider myself to be technologically inclined. I love computer, smartphones. Any piece of high end technology, to honest honest. I love all things digital, internet, Netflix and all of those new and cool channels of distribution. I thought I was going to be a digital shooter all the way but they made shoot 16mm with a Bolex at school and there is just not looking back.
  1. Matthew: Thank you for the responses. I am a newbie as well and I appreciate you taking the time to give me detailed answers. hope to continue to see you around.
  2. Hi Aymie. I hope you don't mind me hijacking your post too much but I am also curious about this. I was under the impression you could work around this by getting any film and using an external light meter and manually exposing. Am I completely off point here? Thank you
  3. Perry. I will do the test roll exposing manually and see how I goes. I expected to have to take for service because even if it is a simple thing I don't feel comfortable opening up myself. The only thing is I'm a bit short on cash and hope the camera continues to work until I can take it to get serviced. Anthony, That's so odd the very same thing happen to you. Maybe the issue is not uncommon for this camera? I'm impressed the camera ran for 5 years after that. I hope im get that lucky. I hear you about the camera. I took a lot of reading on super 8 before I decided on this one. Thank you for your responses, guys. I really appreciated it.
  4. Hi Everybody. This is my first post here but I've been looking around for a couple of weeks. All of you inspire me to join because you are very knowledgeable and helpful. So, I thought I should take advantage of that :) I just got my first super 8 camera on eBay. I put in new batteries and the camera runs at all speeds. I loaded some marked film just to make sure that the film was transporting and that also went well. However, when I put in new batteries for the light meter the indicator wouldn't move. I pressed the battery test button, put on manual mode and nothing happened. I looked in the battery compartment, even cleaned it, entered the batteries every way I could. Nothing. The indicator stayed at f1.8 at all times. To make an already long story short, I ended up banging the camera on the left side. Stupid reaction out frustration but as fate would have it the indicator moved. I banged it back and forth a little bit more and suddenly the thing worked! The battery test worked. I walked under different lighting conditions and the auto exposure seemed to be working. I set the exposure manually and it also worked. To this moment the light meter seems to be fine. Now, my questions is: What could be the cause of the malfunction? Do I need to take it to Du-All for service? Do I run a test and if it works, leave at that? What do you think guys? Thank you!
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