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  1. What's my best bet, a dark room or a dark bag?
  2. Hi, I posted last night on here about buying cheap Double 8MM film. I've discovered I can buy 100FT of Double 8MM film for around £30, give or take a few quid. Here's my dilemma, most 8MM film cameras, including mine, only have a capacity for 25FT of film. Now, could I cut this down? Like cut it into 4 sections and put it onto 4 separate 25ft spools? What lighting would I need to do this in? Complete darkness? Subdued lighting? I'm almost certain I can cut it down, I just don't know about lighting conditions. Thanks, Andrew.
  3. Hi, Does anyone know of the cheapest place to buy Double 8MM film in the UK? I've looked around various places but it's all in the £25+ for 25ft of Black and White. I've noticed on B&H in the states it's cheap as hell, and would work out at about £7 in UK pounds. Why is it so expensive over here? Am I missing something? Thanks, Andrew.
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