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  1. Looking for opinions on the grade and feel. Wishing I lit a few shots differently and used some different focal lengths for a couple of shots, but hey, that's fast paced low budget filmmaking.
  2. Thanks Mark! Fire stuff was all natural, just using the firelight. Built extra fire out of shot to provide additional light wrapping around but that's it. I was using the Summicrons. Large majority of the video (including wides) was on the 25mm. There's a few 18mm shots too, but I loved the wide yet flatness look of the 25mm.
  3. Shot this one a few hours out of Sydney. Got some great sunrises, Amira + Leicas handled everything superb. We wanted a sharp, natural look that wasn't overly graded or stylized. What do you guys think?
  4. Any criticism or feedback would be much appreciated! Thank you.
  5. I haven't had a chance to test this stock due to budget constraints, and will be shooting a short on it soon. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this stock? I've had a browse through the forum and heard that rating it around 400ASA can tighten up the grain a bit, but is the grain that bad on it's own? Anyone know roughly how much latitude I've got to work with this film?
  6. I'm shooting a scene on Eterna Vivid 500T 16mm film in a fairly dark bar. Unfortunately I don't have the budget for tests at the location, but I've been there to take some readings. However, my light meter only performs incident readings. At ASA500 25frames, my incident reading is about 0.7 - obviously I'm going to need more light (my lens opens to 2.8), and I'll be bringing some redheads along- that isn't a huge issue. However, I'm wondering about the importance of spot metering and whether or not it'll help me much better. There's a few prac lamps and hotter areas in the frame
  7. Thanks, the dreamy effect was created by using a stocking in front of the lens. Other shots I added it in with a 'mist' filter in davinci.
  8. Yeah that is very true. However I'd like to know if anything I've done could've been achieved better, perhaps less 'amateur' or 'film schooly' - I'm always worried that my productions reek of 'student' rather than 'professional'. There were a few shots that I was worried about while shooting, but couldn't think of how to solve the problem properly at a professional standard so I guess I 'settled' for some shots, so I guess if anyone has any tips to achieve the results more professionally, that'd be very valuable.
  9. I'd love it if someone could give me some feedback on my music video. I'm particularly interested in feedback about the lighting, but I'm also open to criticism about every other aspect as I directed, edited, graded & operated it (basically everything!). Please be harsh as my film school doesn't provide enough specific feedback and it's quite frustrating. https://vimeo.com/92735441
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