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  1. It's interesting you mention gumming up. Certainly the day of shooting the last roll,that's even worse than this, humidity was ridiculous. There was condensation on a lot of the kit. I've had jams before on this, my eyemo and on shutters in stills cameras when humidity has been high.
  2. I would say, without having watch the loops closely that that is probably the case based on how it seemed to have intermittent jamming problems on both occasions. Do you think this is a problem with the pulldown claw or user error on loading?
  3. Pretty sure what looks like leaks is from unloading in a non lightproof tent. Have tested the body with scrap film. It was jamming quite a bit too on that roll which would fit with loss of loop. Might need to look at my loading technique and run some test strips with the door off to look at if the loop disappears.
  4. Have a look at the second half of... http://162spc.tumblr.com/post/140746412491/2nd-armored-division-us-army-during-the-cobra
  5. Hi again all. So, I've been shooting this Filmo pretty successfully for the last year. About halfway through the penultimate film it developed a pulldown or registration issue flickering and streaking with the image frequently dragged down every few frames. It's done it all the way through the last film shot. Anyone any ideas on what to look at to diagnose the problem? Any help much appreciated.
  6. Hi all, I'm missing both the rewind handle and the hand crank for a cine kodak special I'm trying to restore. Anyone got any ideas where to look apart from eBay - been searching that every day for about a year now. :( Thanks in advance, Ivan
  7. I finally solved the problem. It was very subtle and not immediately obvious, but essentially incorrect loading. I was threading the film in the correct way but unfortunately was not leaving enough slack film either side of the gate. If I load making sure that the film isn't tight into the gate and there's enough of a loop either side there aren't any jams, at any speeds. Took a while but have shot 300' so far and looking forward to the results. Thanks all.
  8. The reason for wanting to use the DA is it is an appropriate model for reenacting the work of WW2 US army Signal Corps 16mm cinematogrphers. I'm involved in a group that portrays Signal Corps photographers. Currently I do a lot of stills shooting on a 40's Speed Graphic and an Argus C (35mm) but want to start shooting some authentic looking 16mm combat reels using other reenactors as the subjects. (I already shoot a bit of 8mm in 'real life' so figured it'd be relatively straightforward to get going). Got about 1400' of 16mm double perf in the fridge ready to have a play with. Anyways, we have a blog with plenty of still images captured on a range of period cameras at http://armypictorialservice.tumblr.com/
  9. Well the DA is the model I wnat to be using so I shall be getting it cleaned and persevering. Thanks for the advice.
  10. Definitely threading it correctly. I can get it to slow by applying a fair amount of pressure to the film gate arm. In terms of the cover, it doesn't fit tightly and drops into place with the latches turning smoothly provided the film gate arm is pushed fully forward. If the film gate arm is to the rear at all the lid doesn't drop into place and the latches don't turn at all. I'm definitely not forcing it down or forcing the latches to close it. Little bit stuck without anything to adjust. I guess I'll keep looking at places where the film or spools could be getting snagged - for example there's two little tabs that stick out from the inside of the lid to make contact with the spools. I'm wondering if perhaps some spools are slightly thicker and are contacting these tabs too much?
  11. Yeah. I think it is early too. The serial number 247592 is the same in both the lid and the base of the body next to the tripod mount. I had worried about that too after I could find no cam. Be interested to know the date of manufacture.
  12. And here's the inside of the case...
  13. Ok. So I got back home and checked the inside of the lid. The reason I hadn't noticed a cam is that there isn't one. :( I'm guessing from the turret on yours it's a DL or DH whereas Mine is a DA and seems to have a different lid and film gate arm construction. See attached pic of the lid. No cam.
  14. Brilliant. that's almost certainly it. Isn't it really funny that you just need either another pair of eyes or some expertise in this case to see something obvious. It sounded and felt like the clearence was being squeezed after shutting the case but I can't believe I didn't notice the cam!! Cheers for that. I know who to go to in future. :)
  15. Yeah. Pretty sure with all my messing around with it the oil is now in the right places. Certain it's not the lenses as it's not a sudden stall but a slowing down and then stopping - and if the lenses it's be a problem when unloaded too. It doesn't happen when film is loaded with the lid off so it has to be something to do with the case door. I'm wondering whether I need to take a sliver off the lug that holds the slide that carries the film guide forward against the back of the film, just to increase the gap a little. It almost feels that once that slide is forward and the lid is locked something is pinching the film. But, I don't know how I figure out whether it's something pinching the film or pushing down on the spools. Frustrating as it's a minty camera with one minor problem to try and track down.
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