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  1. Hello, INFO: 1) I shot some R16mm/S16mm tests and had a telecine at two different labs. The R16 was done at Lab 1 and the S16 at Lab 2 (also a second telecine of the same R16 footage was done at the same lab, Lab 1.) 2) All the stills are shot in the exact same location. Meter: F1.2 and on 7219 3) The S16 is shot at F2 with a 9.5mm Zeiss Super Speed Prime 4) the R16 stills were both shot at F1.3 with a 16mm Zeiss Super Speed Prime. Shots: R16 Lab 1 (Tele 1) R16 Lab 1 (Tele 2) S16 Lab 2 Questions: 1) Why does the S16 image seem to have so much more light than the R16 images when it is actually closed a full stop down (F2 vs F1.3)? (Again the R16 was done at lab 1 and the S16 at lab 2) 2) Why is the S16 image much more green and then the two R16 images so different from one another, (one is redder and the other white, same footage)? How are these choices made at the lab? 3) Finally, based on the meter reading of 1.2 and the 7219, does one process/lab stick out as more accurate as far as exposure, obviously the more light the better. Could lab 1 have under processed? Could lab 2 have over processed? I assume they have the same processing times. But how do I know what I am going to get? needless to say I need some adepts here as this is pretty confusing I appreciate your time thank you
  2. Hi Richard, I really appreciate your generous response. Thank you.
  3. yeah, 1/4" thats what I meant, thanks
  4. Hello. I am recording sound on a Nagra 4.2 for a film. It records on 1/2" tape and is crystal sync'd at 60hz. Being that I need to transfer the tape to digital format and need it to sync up with my 16mm film shot at 24fps and converted to 23.97fps for digital editing I need the analog tapes to be resolved so that there is lip sync. This requires the transfer have a resolver capable of this sync time (54.94hz, slowed down from 60hz). Does anybody happen to know any labs that do this in the US? I appreciate your time
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