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  1. Good point on the red filter (would a rental house have these?)-- but won't I still be starving the blue channel? Hopefully I can run a test with some still film. How much minus green would I need to start really feeling the magenta cast if I gel the lights directly? Thanks so much! Feel like an idiot for missing a red filter on camera.
  2. Hey all, hoping for a bit of advice. Having some trouble with an approaching s16mm shoot- a darkroom scene. I was hoping to light mainly with practical florescent 2x4's and then to gel them fully red for some sequences. My question is: with the interior location, I thought I should shoot on 7219 500T... should I use tungsten tubes? Or would daylight tubes be better for the gel? I know daylight-balanced bulbs on tungsten stock will come away rather cyan, which I don't mind. But gelled, what should I expect? I could shoot on 250D, but am nervous that the light loss from the gels will give me a tough exposure. What setup of stock and bulbs (filtration?) do you think is best? Unfortunately, there just doesn't seem to be budget for tests. I also read in an older post here that there were issues with focusing, or that the image (red lit) will look soft. Is this a genuine focusing issue? Or should we just measure out as per usual? The last thing here that freaked me out was that someone noted that my light meter will give me an improper reading under these red conditions. Does anyone have any experience with this type of setup? Thanks so much for your input. Any advice would help!
  3. Seems like a really nice package... I can't really tell if there is enough difference between the NPR or an SR 2 or 3 to merit the price bump up for the latter cameras... I am definetly interested in buying, just trying to compare cameras before I buy (sorry! I know you want to sell fast!) This seems really great though.. aagh!
  4. Hey Scott-- how loud does it run? Quiet enough for booming sound on site?
  5. Hey-- I hope ressurecting this post is not poor form (should I start another thread?).... but I am searching for a SR3 or even an SR2 package for s16 filming. I saw this on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/ARRIFLEX-ARRI-SR-2-SRII-SUPER-16-CAMERA-W-BW-VIDEO-TAP-PL-MOUNT-SPEED-CONTROL-/281339027164?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item41811cdedc Any thoughts on that package, or offers? Thank you all so much!
  6. I would love to pick up the remaining five, but am a film student and have almost no money... I hate to ask for that student price, but I would also hate to leave you stuck with unusable film. :)
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