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  1. Hi Giray, Thank you very much for your interest. Could you please send me a PM or write me to nrubinstein at ultravision.com.ar with your address so we can request the freight quote to DHL? Thanks! Nicolas.
  2. Hi All, We were the official Fuji Distributors from Motion Picture Film in Argentina until Fuji stopped manufacturing Film Stock last year. We still have a batch of 35mm 400ft stock we would like to sell. All of the stock has been recently tested (March 2014) by our local lab and they informed us it is good conditions to be used. Our current stock is: - Eterna 500 (8573) 400ft: 600 rolls - Eterna 250T (8562) 400ft: 180 rolls - Eterna Vivid 160T (8543) 400ft: 120 rolls - Eterna 250D (8563) 400ft: 69 rolls Please contact me at nrubinstein at ultravision.com.ar
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