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  1. Sir am looking for Baselight software look up table .
  2. Hello sir, Am looking for Baselight LUTs,where should I get it? Do share me your ideas. Thank you
  3. @David Mullen sir that was a great idea, will surely implement. Thank you
  4. Am shooting in arri Alexa xt. Am planning to use either led or flood bulbs for color temperature. Planning to paint all walls in primary colour. Will surely do test shoot sir . Thank you very much Frank wylie sir.
  5. Hello sir, hope you doing good. Am shooting in a real location sir.Am planning to shoot with flood bulbs and led panel lights, low budget project. So I want to hang lights on ceiling connected with dimmer, am expecting 2.8/t stop. Also planning to use lamp shades and fairy light inside flat. Am trying to avoid movie lights for this project. On ground am going to use own made flood softbox as key light 4/t stop distance of 8ft. This is what in my mind, pls help me to get good quality in a budget. Thank you sir
  6. One of the bedroom and living room have more scenes.
  7. Shooting a web series,I need to light up whole flat for both day and night.suggest me lights and their placement.
  8. Suggest me good color temperature meter
  9. Please suggest me good and useful cinematography application in iOS phone ?
  10. Big deal With your advice only I can able to achieve this commercial . Thank you very much David Mullen sir.
  11. Thanks shawn, but camera will be outside the house , arm up and travel till terrace, character will reach terrace through stairs
  12. Sequence -Lengthy single shot,camera follows a guy walks on the road for 100 meters distance and drive bike for a half kilometre and step down,walks on the stair to the third level and then he falls from their. I need to shoot this sequence in single shot
  13. How to create futuristic computer monitor ambience in artist face??? For eg.neon blue, color in monitor screen
  14. Specification of my shot- Location - 20th floor inside a huge room,BG sea view sunset. Mostly two or three shot only will commit the sea backdrop. Mode of the film -Early morning feel Look-futuristic room,like obivilion Scene - main lead talking to a futuristic computer, transparent screen appear before him.source of the screen will reflect the main lead. I think you guys ideas can very helpful to shoot this film.even I got a clear clarity .Thank you.this
  15. Thank you very much, I think it will help me lot!!!
  16. Yeah exactly but thing is am shooting green mat backdrop ,inside set.so how I can match this ambience for all shot??
  17. This shot explain actual look and feel of my movie.so am looking here for some unique ideas!!!
  18. I attached file, artist standing behind the glass door in 16th floor. Shot sequence like movie oblivion.
  19. Kugan S Palani


    How to create after sunset light inside set???
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