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  1. Great hearing everyone's thoughts on the topic - thanks for taking the time to respond. AJ, thank you for sharing your experience, notably about the jobs you found in other states. Much appreciated.
  2. Hi all, I'm a Los Angeles based indie DP, union gaffer & lighting technician (IATSE Local 728). I'm on the cusp of putting some of my lighting technician work behind me and going full time freelance as an indi cinematographer and commercial gaffer. I've been in LA for nearly 10 years, and while I love what I do, I don't know that I see myself living in Los Angeles long term. Atlanta has become a strong contender as a place to relocate to and continue to work in the industry. I'm curious if any folks on this forum can speak to the independent film scene in Atlanta. Obviously major studios film in ATL, but I'm talking about independent features with budgets of a couple hundred thousands to a couple million, not Marvel movies. Can you speak to the numbers of indi films that originate in Atlanta, as opposed to LA producers and directors that simply seek out Georgia as a location because of advantageous tax credits and take their DPs with them? I'm trying to see if an independent and commercial DP career could advance and continue with residency in Georgia. Thank you in advance for any insight. Mike
  3. Tim, John, Thank you both for your replies. That leads me to a final follow up question. How do lightning strikes correct for this sync issue that seems unavoidable with the atomic 3000? Last I saw a lighting strikes on set I didn't recall any sort of sync cable to camera. And Tim, we are shooting RED epic. Thank you both, mike
  4. Tim, Thanks so much. Yes, I was referring to still photography strobes, and after further thought and reading your response, I realize this won't provide the intended effect. The Atomic 3000 you suggest does seem like a viable option for us. Can this run on a 20amp house circuit, or is it fitted with a bates connection? I found a user manual online, but can't seem to find that information. Also, you say that a normal 180 degree shutter at 24/23.98 fps will not have any syncing issues? Or are certain angles/speeds required. Thanks again Tim. Mike
  5. Hi, I'm looking to create some lightning effects for a short film with the use of studio strobes. We don't have the budget for lighting strikes and this seems to be a viable option. We'll be shooting inside a house on RED scarlet. 180 degree shutter. 23.98fps. Wondering if anyone has used still photography studio strobes for this purpose? If so, can you share any advice or experience? Thank you, Michael Helenek
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