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  1. Thanks! We used Epic MX and Sony 4K CineAlta primes
  2. Here's a link to our latest project. Feedback is always welcome! Thanks!
  3. Hi Bill, thanks for the feedback. I did suspect that might be the response to my reel. I did direct a lot of the shots or I worked with directors who share my fetish for high frame rates. I edited it with some real time shots in there but I took then out as they kinda broke the flow of the edit. Maybe I'll put them back in. Jean, I shot that scene in the summer just as the sun dropped over the horizon. So it was almost full day light but no flares or harsh shadows. I then graded it in resolve to make it look like dusk. Keep the feedback coming - this is helpful!
  4. Hey Everyone, Just finished up my 2015 reel. Was looking to get feedback from you guys please. Specifically any Producers/Directors who look at showreels a lot - Would this grab your attention or would you move onto the next reel? Be as critical as you like - I'm thick skinned :) Happy New Year!
  5. It takes 2 hours or less (45min is the fastest) with a 2 of us rigging. Dual cable as apose to single cable. It's point to pioint, not a spider cam. But a lot of guys are using single cables to get rigging time down. So we figured out a way to rig that's (nearly) as easy as a signle cable. The advantage with a dual cable over a signle is that it's so much more stable than a single cable and no need for gyros. So far, the steepest that we've taken it to is 30 degrees but we both feel it could do verticle... we just haven't done it yet.
  6. Hi, I have been designing and building a cable cam for the past 2 years. We are currently finishing up our showreel, I'll post it when we're done. Here are the key feature that make it (in my opinion) such a great system; 4k capable 1080p broadcast capable (teradek) Dual Cable ‚Äč40kmh top speed 30 degree incline ability 10kg camera capacity Remote pan/tilt Easy set up (2 hours approx) Are you interested in renting, purchasing or building for yourself?
  7. This is encouraging to hear. I personally don't care to much where the product ends up, whether it's the big screen, TV or internet. As long as I'm shooting stuff I believe in (i.e. Not weddings or corporate), I really don't mind. Obviously it would be fantastic to DOP a blockbuster, but if I end on Downton, hey ho
  8. Ok Phil, enjoy the wollow of your own self pitty. Whatever you need to justify your own short falls, keep posting it. I thought this forum was full of professionals, seems I was wrong.
  9. At least Freya has a positive outlook. I've hit him up Freya. Fingers crossed!
  10. Please read back through the comments. I'm not saying it's possible for Phil or that it's possible for me. I'm merely saying that's it possible for someone, because I'm friends with one of those "someone's". Phil is saying that no one should bother even trying as there is no market, no movies being shot here or that you have to be part of some inner circle to get in. And I say that that is utter rubbish. I never get drawn into online arguments. Not sure why I did here, they're so unproductive. If anyone wants to chime in with something positive, don't be shy :)
  11. I'm not arguing that I'll have the same luck. I'm arguing against the fact that Phil is saying its impossible. That good sir, is total rubbish. The "I have friend" thing is just proof that it is possible.
  12. I don't like what you're saying, not because I can't handle the truth but because it's utter rubbish. I have a friend who came through the ranks and is currently working on big feature films, in the uk, on British soil and getting paid in sterling. You are wrong. Fact. Oh, and he is a commoner just like me. We met on a season when we were both chefs working for the same tour operator.
  13. I did 3 weeks of free work 10 years ago. I haven't worked for free since. It's been my only source of income. Granted, I haven't worked on big budget feature films (I plan on changing that). But I have friends who have and still do. One friend is in constant work as a 1st AC on feature/commercial sets and in the UK. He was shooting the film was Brad and gang a couple of months ago. Point is, you have to make it work for yourself. You didn't, Phil. That doesn't mean others can't. In short, I think you're wrong and it doesn't surprise me that with your attitude that you have no work.
  14. Haha, I'm getting straight on it first thing tomorrow morning. I'll message Mr Land, I'm sure he'll give me a few of those Red's. Because if it wasn't shot in 6k, it's not worth watching :)
  15. You're going to great lengths to project your failings onto others. I do wonder why that is. If you put in the hard work, you can do whatever you want. Maybe you just didn't put in the hours. Or maybe it wasn't your bag. I don't know but sitting on chat forums complaining isn't going to generate anything positive. I'll send you an update when I inevitably prove you wrong. PS. Over the past ten years I've seen sunsets from the top of the world on nearly every continent and I have to say that filming in Cairngorm 2 weeks ago was a real eye opener. Absolutely stunning!
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