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  1. Thanks for the help guys!
  2. Zacary Caine

    80 A Filter

    I've been reading up on this filter and correct me if I'm wrong, its for shooting indoors with daylight stock, right? If I am right, here's my second question. Is it necessary to have?
  3. Thanks for the comments guys! I was planning on using 200T or even 500T for low light stuff, I'll look into 250D This looks really great! I'm excited to shoot with this camera now! Unfortunately I received the camera and I have a few concerns. Everything works perfectly fine but I opened up the back, pulled the trigger and looked through the shutter and i saw a little black spot Will this show up in my footage? I think i already know the answer but I wanna hear what you guys have to say. Is there any way to fix this? The spot is completely stationary, lens is completely clean though, so is the eyepeice. I tried to upload a photo but idk how this thing works haha.
  4. Thank you so much for your reply! I do have access do a DSLR and even a few film cameras but honestly I haven't really messed around with any manual settings. Haha i just thought getting into super 8 would be a good time to learn. But you're right, i might fiddle around with my other camera a little more. Haha yeah honestly I was going to just use the autoexposure for now but I wanted to get into using the manual to really get everything out of the camera, ya know. Also, since you have this camera, how would you describe the low light capabilities of this camera? That's one the main reasons why I picked up this camera.
  5. Hello I recently picked up a Canon 814 XL and I have many questions about film speed and manual exposure. To start, Most of the time I'm going to be using Kodak film stock. 50D 200T 500T I understand these are ASA speeds correct? I read my cameras manual and i noticed that it does not read any of these film speeds. Artificial - 25 40 64 100 160 250 400 Daylight - 16 25 40 64 100 160 250 My question is, What will my camera read it as then? What does this mean for my auto exposure and manual exposure? I've read some things in these forums about over exposing manually or underexposing, if thats the case, how do i go about doing that? If someone could explain f-stops to me, or refer me to a video or something that would be great! I've seen a few videos on the subject but I'm still a little confused how f-stops and film speed coincide, and how to underexpose and overexpose, things like that. Another question. I've read about a notch hack that you can do to the Tungsten stocks to disable the filter. My question is, Why would you want to do a notch hack on a Tungsten stock when the internal filter corrects it for you?
  6. So i just bought this super 8 camera on ebay and everything seems to work perfectly fine except for one thing. The exposure indicator doesn't move at all, it's like theres no little needle in it at all. I figured this is kinda a big deal because i dont want to overexpose my flim and stuff. Can someone tell me as to why this is happening, or how i can fix it? Please. Thank you.
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