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  1. Hi Freya! Ha ha. Yes this is the UK. Can't guarantee good weather and also this needs to be a black studio for the post effects. We need full lighting control! I can control the dimming and position of the sun unfortunately. Unless you know the gaffa know as god? ;-)
  2. Thanks chaps. All useful stuff. I hope the studio they hire can cope with a few 20k !!!
  3. Hi all! I'm new to this forum. I'm after some advise. I'm a london based lighting cameraman/DOP. I'm shooting a commercial on a week. It's lovely slo mo shots of wine being poured In front of black. The director wants to shoot 800fps. We have a slo mo op with a phantom hd camera. I know we need to have tungsten sources over 5k. I know 5k though at around 800fos won't be enough. I've lit a fair few things in the past ten years but nothing slo mo. Any top tips? Much appreciated.
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