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  1. Hello everyone, I was just wondering if someone has tested or already combined the Angénieux OPTIMO 24-290 OR 28-340 with Ultra Prime Lenses? Do they match good together? What should one consider by use of filters and lighting if one wants to combine these lenses? What are generally the good long-range zoom options to combine with Ultra Primes from both economical and aesthetic point of view? Thanks!
  2. Thank you Jeff for your answer. I know in fact that it would work different or odd but I'm trying to understand or find examples in what way does it look like different. It might fit the story! Thanks for these videos, they were both using this effect but in combination with this slow motion effect which makes it a little difficult to judge. I want to know how does it work when it's printed back to 25 or 24fps as "real time". do you know any example where they used this technique?
  3. I'm going to shoot a short film on 16 mm with an Arri SR3. We don't have so much money to buy ourselves enough film material. I am thinking about shooting on a lower frame rate like 18fps and print it later on postpro back to 25fps to save some material. The question is the look. Have you had any experience with that or do you know any film example or any test where they tried it? I would change the shutter angel to get the same expose as 1/50th of a second to get the same movement's feeling. the question is what exactly happens, what is the exact effect if I shoot 20fps, 18pfs or even 15pfs in 1/50th of a second and then print it back to 25fps?
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