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  1. Thanks a lot gouys for your advice, very much appreciated. Just another question about a shot on how to light. How would the lighting work in this one and what type of lens. I am using a Blackmagic Cinema Camera.
  2. Hey there I am doing a scene emulation off an episode of "Breaking Bad". What are all your thoughts on how to light this shot? Thanks
  3. What is it like to be a camera operator in a professional environment? And is it lots of fun? Thanks
  4. Hello again, I am just wondering what it would be like as a dolly grip to collaborate with a camera operator on a production set? Are they fun people in general to work with? Thanks
  5. Hey there, has anyone ever used Carl Zeiss lenses, I would love to hear on what they're like to use ? Thank you
  6. Hey there, just wondering if anyone has worked with the J.L Fisher dolly before? If so I would be very interested to hear your experience. Thanks
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