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  1. Hi all, Has anyone been in contact with Blue Cine Tech recently? I ordered three rolls of film from them over a month ago, spoke on the phone, all fine, received the order. But when I sent the rolls back to be developed on the 24th of July I received no acknowledgement that they had got them - I left it a couple of weeks to give them time to develop and return but nothing came back. I check my order status on their website and it just says 'payment received' - and still does a month later. I have been emailing them every day and trying to call but the number on their website doesn't get through to them... I'm very concerned as I spent over £100 on film and processing and shot a once in a lifetime holiday with the films - now I'm worried that my money and my films have been lost. If anyone has dealt with them within the past few weeks I'd love to know if they are still in existence.
  2. Thanks guys, I'm probably only going to be going onto youtube but still want it to look good so leaning towards HD. Found a transfer service in Wales that does a reel of super 8 to HD for £15 which seems pretty good!
  3. I've read conflicting reports on scanning super 8, some people have said you should definitely scan in HD while others have said the resolution of super 8 is low enough that HD doesn't make a difference. Obviously a HD scan is more expensive but is it worth the extra cost? Thanks!
  4. That is a stupid question. Ignore it!
  5. Thanks Miguel! Last question... If I use kodak 50D should I set the filter switch to daylight? Or is that a stupid question?
  6. Actually one last question. Which 85 filter should I use if I opt for an external glass one? 85A or 85B or does it not really matter?
  7. Wow thanks for all the help that has really cleared it up for me!!
  8. Ok so I've searched these boards for a definitive answer and while there is a ton of useful information I'm still left a little confused... I'm going on holiday in France this summer and intend to bring my canon 514xls to document my travels. I am new to this format and have only shot two rolls of film on it and I want to make sure I am doing the right thing (my previous rolls came out okay by just sticking them in the camera and shooting - the 200t looked nice in daylight but the 500t in a darkish interior came out very grainy but useable). I'm planning on bringing some 200t for daylight use and 500t for night use. From what I understand the 200t gets exposed at 100 asa in daylight (correct me if I'm wrong) with the internal filter set to daylight. The thing I need advice on is the 500t. I have read that the canon will expose it at 160asa in tungsten light (with the filter set to 'bulb'). But I have also read that the canon 514xls can meter at 250asa in tungsten light - thus creating a finer grain and less overexposure? How do I get the 500t to expose at 250asa in the canon? Do I need to notch hack the cartridge and what should I set the filter to? Sorry for the long question! But thanks for any help in advance!
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