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  1. Hi Dom, Thanks for your reply. I went ahead and took a short video of the camera running with film in it (running at 8, 16 and 24 fps) and without film (running at 8 fps). I'd really appreciate if you or anyone else could be kind enough to take a look at it. As far as I can tell, the shutter seems to be running smoothly, but I'm no professional :) short video of shutter running: http://i.imgur.com/CH076wI.mp4 This is going to be a long shot, but do you think that this problem could be caused be a lens issue? I've never used this particular lens here (see below), I was thinking because its a wide angle lens, that it may have been "too wide" and caused distortions? Again, I realize this is a long shot theory but thought I'd ask anyways. Thanks everyone for all of your help so far. Here's the lens I'm talking of:
  2. Hi Frank, Thanks for your reply. It's a model 240 and no, I was using the spring motor and not hand cracking the camera. Would you happen to know any places that would be able to service the camera? Thank you!
  3. Hello, I just got back the results of a test film I ran on a Bell and Howell camera. Unfortunately, the results of my test film did not go as well as I had liked. The test film shows repeating "bursts" of frames that are overexposed. I'm sorry I'm not being more descriptive, but I've included a link of a few seconds of the test footage I shot: http://imgur.com/a/hrV9okp Based off of the footage, can someone tell me what exactly went wrong? I'm trying to figure out what mechanism of the camera is not working properly and if it is even fixable. I'd appreciate any input! Thank you!
  4. Hi all, I recently got hold of simplex 35mm suitcase projector. Everything looks to be intact. I've been searching online for a manual for this projector but haven't had much luck. There isn't much information on the projector other than it was made in the 1930s and the serial number. I should also add that it is a sound projector. Does anyone know where I can get some kind of literature on this projector? I just want to make sure that all the pars are there and get more information on it. Best Regards, Habib
  5. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows of a shop that does repairs on a B&H Eyemo that was modified by Steve's Cine Service? I would have sent the camera to Steve for repairs, but he is retired now. Are modified Eyemo's harder to repair? Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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