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  1. Latest music video I shot for Candy Says as part of a competition in the Guardian. Not sure if I've won yet but in any case I had fun trying! Enjoy! Candy Says 'Not Kings'
  2. Thanks! Yeah I did everything in post and did both the directing and cinematography. I just used an old Nikkor 50mm 1.8. It's possible I may have used a Zuiko 24mm f2.8 but I don't recall now. I used natural light and street lighting when possible. I also used a cheap yongnuo led video light to help out on some of the night footage (this was a mistake!). The steampunk room was lit by a projector in some of the shots and by cheapo unbranded quartz video lights in the others. I also used these video lights for the bed footage (although a friend helped me light the bed scene because I couldn't get it looking the way I wanted). You're absolutely right, there are loads of unused beach locations! I was surprised by this location myself. The beach is Formby beach which is in the north west, not too far from Liverpool.
  3. Cheers Will. I graded this piece so many times. In the end I ran out of time and had to just accept that I needed to hand it over and be done with it. I could have tinkered with it forever! Yeah I noticed the sun a few days after uploading. I'll definitely go back and fix that.
  4. I shot this music video recently for the band Amber States. It's the first thing I've shot with the BMCC and it's also the first time I've used Davinci Resolve. I love the camera (quirks be damned!) I've grown fond of Davinci too even though it had me pulling out my hair with frustration. I'd like to go back and re-grade the video some time because I got some lovely footage but I think I hurt the quality through lack of experience with the software. Anyway enough waffle, here's the video: http://vimeo.com/94791411
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