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  1. Great discussion! I'm gathering all the content I was not aware of. Thank you all. ___________________ Is really impossible answer this question I brought up but gives us the sense of wonder that he would be making big steps ahead of us. An ISO 5000 as your base gives you a new sense to light a scene.
  2. I just watched this video and tought about the story on Kubrick and the candlelit scenes on "Barry Lyndon". What would he be doing with today's cameras and lenses? Of course cinematographers aren't using f0.7 lenses on day to day basis but, for example, Master Primes and Cooke 5 are pretty bright and camera ISO technology are advancing everyday. With a camera capable of a base ISO 5000 and a Master Prime on T1.3 candlelit scenes would be just the start on the cinematography crative process. What do you think?
  3. Oh, something just fell into my eye. :) I have a big respect to the grips. They are the kind giants that keep everyone safe. Today I'm a camera assistant, but I started in the grip department as intern. And I have to say, they are the best teachers.
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