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  1. Great advice Satsuki ! You're right about the BTS shots, and I'll include more exterior shots next time ! Thank you very much for your encouragements !
  2. Hello ! I'm a junior cinematographer, I tried to edit a watchable reel with some (very low-budget) short films I shot. Your advice and comments will be welcomed =) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeIQneW-wro
  3. I've just looked at it twice, I made a mistake indeed, at first I thought they intended to present top 10s (I'm sick of it). I didn't realize we could change the options to make the lists ! (I thought the window options was some kind of spam haha). So yes, it's an interesting tool actually !
  4. Wow, such a high level here ! And a lot of different styles, looks, I think I gonna keep my Reel to myself haha. I'm okay with the pace, but I admit I turned the music off though (I'm not watching it for the music anyway :p )
  5. What a reel ! I love your images in the desert, I'd like to see this film !
  6. The F65 is not Bayer but "Q67" (same thing as Bayer but rotated 45° so you get lines of green photosites) The Q67 sensor is 8K, but a 5.7K Bayer equivalent. Thanks ! Interesting point indeed ! I'll correct it on my table. I started to do sort of the same chart but focusing more on actual sensitivity and actual dynamic range rather than what is advertised (but that requires some testing) We could maybe join our work (j'habite à Paris aussi). I wanted to do the same actually ! Yeah we can do something together I guess ! Perhaps you two could join forces and create something like http://www.snapsort.com/? :) Well, I didn't know this website, and I admit I don't really see the point to do the same with digital cameras ... I mean, each camera has is own specifications, strenghts and drawbacks. Some are better with dynamic Range, others with resolution, others with color depth ... It's all about what you want to achieve with your project.
  7. Thanks Bob ! Here is an update: DIGITAL CAMERA TABLE v2 Romain
  8. Hello everybody ! I wrote a table comparing most of our favorite cameras and their technical specifications (Sensor info, recording info, weight, Mount, Power Consumption, Price ...). I was bored searching in the manuals and documentations, so this should make it a bit easier ! DIGITAL CAMERA COMPARISON Next time, I'd like to make it dynamic with an auto ranking when we click on a particular category. Cheers, Romain
  9. I guess that this set-up from Matrix is not so intricate, the shadows under the seats are very sharp, with opposite directions, I would say two crossed sources behind the characters and a soft top light.
  10. On Pont Neuf it will be fine, in front of Notre Dame ... there will be a lot of tourists and people looking at the camera !
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