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  1. Hi, I'm shooting some content at the moment where I need to be offset monitoring wirelessly, I was wondering if anyone can recommend a small wireless monitoring setup which is not overly expensive (if such a thing exists). I only need a 5"-7" monitor, but it would be good if it could all be battery powerable (monitor and transmitter/receiver) .. doesnt have to work over crazy distances, just into a neighbouring room etc.. Thanks for any help, much appreciated!
  2. I've been working as crew for about half a decade and am deciding whether I want to finally try make the big leap into DPing/videography or make an entirely new career shift. Where do you see the industry heading? Whats it like to make a living as a DP as the technology becomes cheaper and more power is handed over to young people.. is it no longer a real career and more like a semi-hobby (much like the music/audio recording and photography industries have become). Obviously not talking about those who are far enough up the chain to be shooting real features/TV.. I mean around the entry-m
  3. Well its currently in SLOG so no it doesnt look how I expect it to look in the end. But I'm not expecting a huge amount of manipulation. Then again I'm not really sure whats possible. Does Davinci have presets which allow you to trial various looks and then adjust them to taste? Btw, the Davinci suite my friend has access too IS quite pro, its part of a film institution. Its just that the people sitting behind it (i.e us) wont be.
  4. Hey! Im after your opinions on something, if you will oblige - I recently shot a personal music video project, which i self funded, and shot on a Sony F55 with Cooke S4 minis, 2K, XAVC 4:2:2. Video looks nice and Im happy with how its turned out but now wondering about grading.. I dont know a lot about grading but have film school friends with access to good davinci suites who could help me out (though none of us are pros by any means). Alternatively a quote to professionally grade the clip is about 600$ or so.. which is already a LOT considering this is a self funded project. I t
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