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  1. Guy - thanks for the detail above. All makes excellent sense. Our rental house here said much the same thing about the M18 potentially having issues on anything other than a dedicated circuit (and even then, as you say, if a 15A circuit can't handle it, we may be in trouble regardless.) This is what brought up their suggestion for bringing along the spare 1200 bulb as a replacement in case we started tripping breakers all over the place. He felt the M18 fixture, with the 1200 bulb, would give us the best results in terms of bang for our buck at that wattage, and hopefully step us down to where we're not popping breakers. So if we get away with running the M18, we're good to go. If not, drop in the 1200 bulb and hopefully we're still able to function. What are your thoughts on that avenue? Thanks, Rob
  2. This is all great info - I appreciate you guys batting around the options/ideas. After speaking with our local rental house, I think I"m going to end up going with an 8x overhead, and an Arrimax 1800 w/a 1200w spare bulb. They said they've had some good luck with that new 1800 fixture putting out nearly as much as a standard 4K, and if the 1800 can't have a dedicated circuit, put the 1200 bulb in and you're off to the races. Will diffuse that down and hopefully that will solve any continuity issues - and the other side of it is I will hopefully be able to maintain a somewhat consistent look/feel across episodes. Maybe knock it down on the side a bit with a 6x solid to round things out and hopefully it will start to look pretty decent without too much fooling around. I never really had the budget for or intent to use a generator - plan was to always try to shoot near the clubhouse or some other structure with electric close by. (Standard circuit - hence my limitations on lighting size - I should have mentioned that in the OP - sorry) If anyone sees any significant holes in that setup (other than lighting size - I know it's a little on the low side, but I'm kinda stuck there) - feel free to let me know! Again, thanks to all.
  3. Kyran - perfect. Thanks for the add on the small bounce and reflected edge. I was planning on ND and polarizer, yep. Appreciate the additional thoughts.
  4. Stuart - all very valuable info for this particular undertaking. The breeze was definitely a concern r.e. audio and the 8x. Appreciate the backup suggestion. Again, thanks much!
  5. Thanks Stuart - I appreciate that. Do you think the soft frost plus the bounce would keep me within range for decent background exposure? I guess that's why I was thinking I needed the pars in my back pocket - just in case I needed to bump up my subject a bit under that 8x8.
  6. I'm about to start working on a project that will involve a number of outdoor interviews, primarily on golf courses. I'm working with a small budget, which should cover a basic grip truck, a couple extra lights and an 8x8 for the harsh sun stuff. My question is mainly about the diffusion material, but also the overall setup. There will be several two-shots for these interviews, and I'm wondering people's thoughts regarding preferred diffusion material (silk, grid cloth etc?) for bright sun shooting, w/audio, as well as key light vs. fill vs. backlight combinations utilizing sun, probably a couple 1200 Cinepars (come with the van) and some bounce if needed. Probably can't go much more than that as far as lights as I can't get into generators and such. I realize time of day may play into this as well, so feel free to expound on that, too. I guess I'd just like to get some basic feedback on what I might be able to do with that kit listed above to create a well-balanced shot. I suppose finding shade for my subject where I would have a little more control might be the easiest option, but I want to be prepared for the time when that's not available. If I'm missing any necessary info, let me know. Thanks in advance for any feedback. Wonderful forum, and having just recently found it it's been very helpful and informative looking through the posts. Much appreciated, Rob
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