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  1. Hi Guy's! Just wanted to report back that the shoot went very well! And even though i would have preferred to use overhead lighting in a truss setup or similar, the lighting did what it was supposed to. (We ended up using Arri X 1200 flood lights instead of the Arri M8's. ) The shoot was for a tv-commercial and is due to air in 1-2 months, will be interesting to see how it will look once postproduction is done with it! Again thanx for the advice and input!
  2. Thanx John for the advice! Will definitely try that out, the ceiling should be the same color, as they paint it from time to time. (the bg will be newly pained on the live shoot) The ceiling is 4.85m high. Not sure if the Arri M8 will be powerful enough to bounce the light that distance and still provide a decent illumination ? Will have 2 hour set up time so ill will try for sure! Again thanx for the input! /Paul
  3. Hi Guy's! So we had the pre-shoot today to test out the gear in the place we are using on the live shoot. It was very educational, i got a much better idea how much power i need/get from continues light! It was quite obvious that i'v been a bit optimistic with the power output in regards to my preferred camera settings. As many of you already had pointed out.. :-) I noticed i got a visible hotspot with the 2k Blondies, so i will need more power and spread, the Arri M8's will certainly give me more power not sure if the beam of light is wider ? (i know it's focusable) The other thing i noticed is that the Briese H5 was not very sufficient at the distance i had to use it, i probably understated the distance and the area i needed to illuminate. So to have it affect the exposure at it's position (fixed just behind and slightly above camera 1) i had to focus the light, thus contributing even more to the hotspot created on the bg by the 2k Blondies. The Briese T4 will most likely change that as it's 4k HMI which is pretty much the double output if I'm not calculating it all wrong..? :-) The ideal situation would be to have a light overhead and maybe even two more to compliment the Arri M8's on the bg. But i have to weigh that against the need of the client(the AD agency which do the post work), which is actually not pure clean white bg as they gonna mask it and clean it up in post anyway. Then again as a photographer i want to do as much as i can "in camera" as i'm used to with strobe lighting. :-) Will report back how the HMI setup worked on the live shoot! Thanx
  4. Wow! Thanx everyone for the advice and tips, much appreciated! I guess i can open up to Iso:400 without loosing to much quality and since the subject isn't gonna be moving front/back dof will probably not be a issue if i need to go below F/8. The Briese 180 tungsten setup with Arri tungsten will be tested this Sunday. For the live shoot i will go with Briese 220 and T4 HMI and for background i choose the Arri M8's The fina l setup cost a bit more but in the end i think it will be easier, especially if i can't control the spill completely from the windows, right ? Space on the left is indeed limited, but since i don't need the full width of the bg i think i can work around that. Thanx again! Will report back on Sunday! Regards Paul L.
  5. Hi guy's Thanx for the input much appreciated!! Jimmy Demarco Thanx for the tip, will makes sure to get that as well. Two Diff's are included in the kit, so ill will make sure to try them to cut some edge off the briese. Will also get dimmers for the blondies. John Thanx! Im very fond of my 758DR so i will either get the C version or maybe the handy L-308 you got! Will try the app, that's a great tool very helpful! The Briese H5 is a tungsten head. They have the H6 which is flash though. UPDATE So i'm picking up lighting today for our pre-shoot on Sunday... and just got word that the gear we are renting won't be available for the live shoot on wednesday.. So when we are shooting live i will be using: Briese 220 instead And the Briese T4 which is HMI I assume i should exchange the Arri Blondies tungsten for HMI equivalent to avoid color temp mixing ? Is the T4 HMI 1kw less in power compared to the H5 tungsten in practice ? Thanx again! /Paul
  6. Hi Guy's! Im a still photographer by profession and recently i'm doing some video work. As still photographer i'm quite familiar with studio lighting and strobes. But when it comes to continues lighting I'm very inexperienced. I have a upcoming project where we gonna film a dialog between two persons against a white infinity wall (full body). It's actually one person who is gonna play two characters and we will shoot each character separately and then combine them in post. We want a similar look like the old Mac vs PC AD. For stills this setup would be quite easy and basic. I would use two light sources on the background and one large indirect octabank to light the subject(s) We gonna shoot this with a FF DSLR with a 50mm lens @ 1/50s Iso:100 (if possible) and F/8. The thing is I'm only familiar with W/s in strobe lighting and can correlate that to how much light i get. So my plan thus far for the above scenario is as follow: Two Arri Arrilite 2000 ( Blondie ) 2 kW on the background (one on each side)‚Äč One Briese H5 Tungsten Lamphead 5000W with a Briese Focus Reflector 180 for the subject(s) The Briese will pretty much be straight on the subject behind the camera so i get a even lighting on both subjects. The area to light is roughy 3m wide (at full body) and 4m deep This is the space we gonna shoot in. So does this sound like a good plan ? Is the power enough to shoot at 1/50s Iso:100 F/8 ? Is there any downside to using tungsten compared to HMI or LED for this kind of studio setup ? Any input is much appreciated. Regards Paul
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