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  1. Hi. thank you for your reply. Is It better to shoot It in Raw?
  2. Hi.I want to shoot a movie with Alexa Classic and I want It to be 4:3 and B&W. I don't have codex to shoot It RAW. Do I have to rent It and what is the best way to shoot It 4:3 and Black & white?
  3. which colors have to choose to catch it?
  4. Hi. I want to know what are the best filters for lights to show sunset beams through the windows
  5. mohamad

    look old

    thank you very much mr. Rodin and drysdale.I have to shoot it with Red Epic
  6. mohamad

    look old

    Hi. I am going to shoot a film in a studio. I want it a look like old films like "Who s afraid of virginia wolf".I would appreciate it If you can help me with some tips.
  7. Thanks Tyler . But I mean after grading in Davinci can I Export Dnx to FC7
  8. I have davinci 11 and do not know which output option is pro per without changing gamma to final cut 7.
  9. mohamad

    shooting with nx3

    I'm going to shoot a Top Gear like program tomorrow and I'm wondering which format is good to shoot it? 50p or 25p? 50p Fx is slowmotion?
  10. thanks very much for your prompt and comprehensive response
  11. I had a recovery for some shot that took with c500 and after the recovery some shots have shade windows like below picture. How can I fix it?
  12. mohamad

    red one firmware

    I can't download the last version of camera(32) from the red site. It's locked! Could you upload it here for me?
  13. mohamad


    Sorry I mean Red One
  14. mohamad


    I couldn't undrestand how to build Look into the camera?
  15. mohamad

    F5 sony

    I want to shoot my new project with F5. I like to shoot in SR file(SQ 444) with Cine EI and SGamut functions. If you can suggest me advices about which LUT I have to choose and how can I take the best of it, I appreciate it!
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