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  1. Hi all -- So, I follow Ryan Booth on Instagram, and the guy has a knack for creating really beautiful looks with his Fuji X100T + VSCO (iPhone) combination. It's one of my favorite results from a mobile workflow I've come across, and it's so consistent. Obviously a very teal + orange grade, but I'm wondering how he keeps it almost natural looking without taking it to a complicated desktop setup. I think it could be really helpful to break down for quick grades in the future. Thanks! Jon
  2. Hi friends -- We're looking to shoot a dog commercial in studio, most likely with color seamless paper. This is the reference they gave us: Initial thoughts are an overhead 8x8 ultrabounce hit with two Arri M40's directly, flagged for direct spill onto the set. Maybe a few 4' Kinos for some fill and edge. Thoughts? Thanks! Jon
  3. Hey all, I'm shooting a piece in a few weeks set in an ice rink with one figure skater. The Director would like focused, but very soft light on a space within the rink (I'm thinking a 20' by 20') with the background almost void of detail. I found this reference that she liked: My initial reaction was rig up a wall of 60° angled 750W Lekos with large diffusion, used and loved by Shane Hurlbut for stage-like lighting. I really like the idea of shaping ellipsoidal light. I know there are probably umpteen ways to do it. What are your thoughts? With deep appreciation,
  4. I sincerely thank you all for your overwhelmingly encouraging comments. The support is especially appreciated considering the remarkable talent on this forum. I equally appreciate the words of caution. The feature may in fact go to a major distributor with a major budget, in which case I'm probably out to lens it on account of the lack of imdb credits :) Either way, it has been a wonderfully flattering process. I have no doubt that if I were to land the role, I could find incredibly creative and collaborative folks with which to surround myself. If my experience on this forum is any i
  5. This may be the silliest post ever but here goes... I was recently approached by a very successful Director and asked if I would be interested in shooting his next film. I've only been shooting for three years. I have shot broadcast commercials and brand videos mostly, never a feature. Part of me couldn't image why this question was asked of me in the first place. The project is absolutely NOT a small budget independent film. I guess he sees something he really likes, but how the heck could I know if I'm ready for something like that? Obviously a wide open topic and there's limite
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