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  1. The thing with the 4008ZM2 is that if you get the 85 filter out of the way, it's automatically replaced by another filter (UV, I think) so that the lens to film conditions are kept the same. The removal of these two filters will require some adjustment within the camera to maintain accurate focus. I'm told that Bjorn can either replace the filters, or remove and recalibrate the camera. Plus, he can give the thing a good service too as he bought all the spares from the Beaulieu factory when it shut down. Cheers, Mickey
  2. If I get the filters removed (which do look very grubby!), then I read somewhere that the camera needs collimation to ensure that the distance from lens to film is accurate, which is why I was hoping to send the camera to Bjorn. Re WSC, from their reply, I still think they may have (or may have not!) applied some stabilising software. Mainly because the image seems very stable… but then again, 30 years ago when I shot Super 8, I used cheapo cameras and cheapo film, and watched it on cheapo projectors… hence the image being all over the shop. The 4008 camera seems rock solid, apart from the first few frames, then it settles very well. I just wish I had nailed the focus!
  3. It's not the first time I've had an odd reply from WSC, to be honest, Mark! Anyway, while I like my footage, I think the filters in the camera could use a good clean. I'll get it off to Bjorn at some point soon. And on my 4008, the grub screw on the diopter doesn't lock the focus in place, so I think my view finder may be the cause of the slightly soft focus.
  4. Hi Chris, Thanks for the reply. I asked Widescreen Centre if they used anything during the telecine process. Here is the reply: The answer in regards to your question about stabilizing software, we can assure you that no such software was used, this was all due to the very steady and calm hand of the telecine operator. Hope to hear from you again soon! So it sounds as if the quality of my camera plays no part in a stable image! :D Regards, Mickey
  5. I shot two rolls of 500T in December while my band were on tour. I wanted to see if a) the camera that I picked up for £79.00 worked well, and b) how well 500T worked in often dreadful lighting conditions. The frame seems very stable, which makes me wonder if Widescreen Centre used any image stabilising software. More noticeable is that the focus is softer than I expected, so I think the viewfinder was not focussed optimally, leading me to think it was sharp when in fact it wasn't! Overall, I am pleased wit these test rolls. However, please feel free to chime in with comments. It's 30 years since I used a Super 8 camera, but I want to get into this! It's fun. http://youtu.be/_b7vzo6MoBY Kind regards, Mickey
  6. I agree Phil, there are cheaper solutions but it works (for me) and I was too busy to tinker around. I considered a dummy socket and a half dozen of AA 1.25v rechargeables but in the end I opted for this. However, if you come up with a more elegant solution, I'd be interested. Regards, Mickey
  7. Hi Hunter, I'm also fairly new to the world of Super 8, but am uninspired by digital video. I used to mess around with Super 8 back in the 80's when I was a teenager. I also recently bought a couple of 4008's. I opted for this battery option. It comes with a charger and has worked well so far: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Beaulieu-4008-Replacement-Battery-Pack-Kit-with-Charger-BI1300Li-BBC4008-/261524955200?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash=item3ce41a2040 He's based in Canada. Regarding the costs and length of a roll of film, I find myself shooting things with thought and care. This rarely happens with video, and people tend to just shoot way too much "footage" in my opinion. An editing nightmare. Regards, Mickey
  8. Lordy! That looks so good! Think I'll order a bit more film and have faith in the camera being as good as it looks. Cheers, Mickey
  9. Thanks, Anthony. I have a lot to learn and am eager to pick up as much as possible. The ZM camera has the Angenieux 8-64 lens, which is much lighter than the Schneider lens, so for now I'll take this set up. My Schneider has a bit of wobble/play in it and so it's off for a service asap, along with the ZM2, which has an intermittent light meter. Other than that, both cameras appear to be spotless, which is good after my first 4008 disaster (Bjorn Andersson said he's never seen anything so dreadful!). Cheers, Mickey
  10. Forgot to post link to light meter! http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sekonic-Flashmate-L-308S-Digital-Light/dp/B000BTCJNG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1416744993&sr=8-1&keywords=light+meter+sekonic
  11. Dear forum, I now have a working Beaulieu 4000ZM and also a ZM2. I'm going on a trip and have decided to take the ZM while the ZM2 is about to go for a service with Bjorn. 1. The mirror looks like it could use a clean. Should I be nervous, or if I am very gentle and careful, can I proceed? Other than that, the camera is clean, runs smooth and looks almost mint. 2. I intend to run two test films while I am away on tour with my band. A roll of Vision 3 200T, and a roll of 500T. The cameras ASA setting only goes to 400. What's the best way to deal with this? 3. If the answer to question 2 is buy an external light meter, which one is best taking into account the shutter angle of the 4008 camera? This one covers cine shutter speeds but only at a 180 degree angle. Thank you for reading. Regards, Mickey
  12. Deep breath! Okay! I told the original seller of the problems. He said to return the camera for refund. And that is what I should have done, but being excited to have located Bjorn, and being an eternal optimist, I sent the camera to Bjorn in Sweden. Today he emailed to ask what I had paid for the camera. I replied to tell him, and jokingly asked "why? Is this a piece of junk?" Bjorn replied to explain that this is the worst piece of poop that he's ever seen from eBay, and that there is so much wrong with the camera. The lens is good! Dilemma… a) Chalk it up to experience. Some you win, some you lose. Let Bjorn keep it as a paper weight (shipping back to the UK is around £50). b) Ask Bjorn to return it so I can return to the seller for a refund (this will leave me more out of pocket). c) Instruct Bjorn to work his magic, but I have since bought a working 4008 that is more worthy of Bjorn's skills. The seller said that the camera was his fathers, who had now passed away. It was not listed as broken or untested, but regardless, now it's in Sweden, I have created my own dilemma and I except that I have made matters worse. Paperweight for Bjorn is looking favourite! I might ask him to send me the lens… Regards, Mickey (no longer trigger happy on eBay!).
  13. The camera will be arriving with Bjorn today! Thanks for all your help, guys. Regarding eBay, the auction said "no returns". I guess I could have argued the point and got my money back, but then I figured even a working eBay camera should probably be posted to Bjorn for a full service, so I decided to keep it. Regards, Mickey
  14. Hello, Jose! Thanks for the reply. I have had a look inside the camera and I found a loose wire, which I carefully soldered back on. The camera still doesn't run. But since then, I have read that the switch built into the handle should have four wires attached to it, which come from the bottom of the camera. Mine only has three, so that would probably explain why I cannot get the motor to run! I do live in the UK, and would be happy to ship the camera to Spain for a repair and service. Cheers, Mickey
  15. Hello. I have been lurking for a few days on this great forum, reading about super 8. I haven't shot any for decades, but have been feeling quite nostalgic about the beautiful format. My previous experience has been point and shoot via entry level cameras. However, I took a chance on a 4008ZM2 on eBay. Lo and behold, there are problems! As expected, the batteries (all four of them) are useless, but I have ordered a rechargeable modern replacement from a nice man in Canada, via eBay. Today, I did manage to hook up 7.2v to the camera to check that it runs. Sadly, the camera motor isn't doing anything. The zoom motor works fine. I don't bother checking the light meter contacts, as I was planning on using an external light meter. So, I removed the handle from the camera to find that the black wire is not connected to anything, and the red and yellow wires are twisted together. Nothing is soldered to the switch. To be honest, it's as though someone got here before me to try to make this baby work, and gave up, possibly with a conclusion of dead motor. I tried connecting all three wires together. This made the lens motor stop working too! It's too good a camera to be just an ornament and I'd like to get it working if possible. I have another 4008ZM2 on its way (fully working and good history). But having two working cameras would be amazing, especially for capturing live music performances that last for more than 3.5 minutes. Having an identical camera and film opens up some possibilities. I see that the name Bjorn crops up regularly with regard to fixing cameras. Perhaps I should try and get the camera over to him. I'm an optimist, so I am still thinking it could be a bad contact somewhere! Any thoughts or advice very gratefully received. Kind regards, Mickey
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