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  1. May I know which model of the four is the safest decision? Because the one we're using is the Honda EU 6500iS
  2. No no, we substituted the phone light to a LED flashlight
  3. I figured as much, didn't want to pile up on the budget as it is with the color gels. As for the HMI lights I'm looking at the ARRI M18 1200W/1800W HMI, while I'd be using a Honda 6.5Kw Generator to power them.
  4. Thanks for your input really helped a lot! Told my director about the issue regarding the flashlight and we're no longer using the light from the phone anymore. We are using 1 6.5kW generator for the shoot and I am planning to get 3-4 Arri lights. but I do have one last question though, do I get the tungsten or the HMIs? Again thanks for your advise it has helped tremendously in planning out the scene.
  5. Hey guys, I am a film student, at my senior year and about to embark on my final film project for school. My short film project is a thriller where the protagonist has to uncover clues and find out where his mistress has disappeared to. So in short, this scene is where we have our protagonist drive down a dirt track in the middle of a forest and continues on foot to the various clues. In depth, our protagonist is led to this location (forest) as the place where he'd find his mistress who has gone missing for the past few weeks. He drives down the dirt tracks, and stops when he sees a violet ribbon (recurring theme throughout the film) tied to a tire swing by a tree ahead of him. He got off on foot and whipped out his flashlight and walked towards the violet ribbon, he then sees another violet ribbon tied to a tree about 10 feet to his right and he walks towards it. He looks around for signs of his mistress, walking around the area by the tree until CREAK, he stepped on something wooden that is buried underneath the ground, he immediately dug frantically, fearing that his mistress could be underneath. He dug and dug until he uncovered a large wooden box, he opened it and his mistress lies dead inside. He freaks out. The thing is, I can use the car headlights as backlight for a portion of the scene, but then we have the protagonist turn right and walk away from the headlights. There isn't any other light source around him whatsoever, except for the flashlight he has with him. This flashlight isn't omnidirectional though as it is coming from his mobile phone. My director wants the scene to be lit not too bright, but enough to see the facial features of the protagonist. So how do I light my subject if there are no natural light sources around to use as an excuse to place my lights (china lantern, arri fresnels)? I need advise, this is my first time lighting a night scene and I need all the help I can get, in terms of what kinds of light to use and how to light the area. Thanks Internet!
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