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  1. Yes i am but not directing it. I will be shooting it and editing it.
  2. I got hired to shoot a music video. The artist has someone already directing it and has a story. Usually I put Directed by me in the credits. Now that he has his director, should I put visuals by: me instead of directed?
  3. I have a LUT in .cube files I bought and don't know how to use it with fcp7/color 1.5. How do I install the new LUT onto FCP7/Color 1.5?
  4. When you guys work with a music artist for a music video for post production, do you guys usually have them there working and editing with you? Or as a director you do everything and present them with what you have?
  5. I have 3 of these. http://www.amazon.com/NEEWER%C2%AE-Dimmable-Digital-Camcorder-Panasonic/dp/B004TJ6JH6/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1416160149&sr=8-2&keywords=led+neewer&pebp=1416160153841
  6. Hi Dave, It's 2 160 led light. Will having a soft box help it?
  7. How Can I get rid of the shadows in the background? I have 2 led lights. Had a hard time lighting it up. What do you guys recommend? Where should my placement of lights be?
  8. I am making a music video in this room. The song is called purple smoke so I want to achieve a look having a club type room with purple lights/strobes and a black back wall.I have bought 3 led lights on amazon and bought purple gels. How would I light this room? If you guys can give me some pointers so when its time to shoot I have some ideas and knowledge from your guys help.
  9. Thanks David, I appreciate your help.
  10. Thanks Bill and David. I appreciate your guys help
  11. Yea I had a led light on top of my camera and pointed a little to right of his. So the best choice is to get another light and light the right side? Thanks fellas
  12. Hey David, When you say compose, do you mean I have to just picture it being cropped while shooting? Maybe putting a sticker on both top and bottom of my camera would help?
  13. Is there any way to remove these shadows. Do I need to light up the wall?
  14. Hi I am new her. I have a lot to learn.I want to make one of my videos with black bars(top/bottom}. The only problem is it cuts off the head and some parts in the bottom. How should I shoot videos on my camera that I want to put black bars in post? I have a GH4 camera if that matters.Thank you guys
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