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  1. Hi everyone Our film The Legend of Ben Hall, an Australian western biopic about an famous/infamous Bushranger named Ben Hall, is getting Australian release on December 1st at selected cinemas. But also a limited screening for one week in LA starting December 16. So if you like the trailer and want to support independents, please go see it! For the LA screening you can get tickets @ http://www.laemmle.com/films/41459
  2. Yeah one guy is standing on the porch so the light coming from the houses can hit him and he will be easier to light as he'll be already under shade so cut some more light to make the candle/lantern lights work...and the others are on the street and they throw dialogue back and forth, they'll be the harder ones to light...I'll be grading it so I know some things I can do..but rather would get as much in camera as I can, as far as tone its a very dark moment in the film as its the first time the character kills someone and he is only 17.
  3. Hi guys So being thrown a bit of a challenge (as if there never is one), got several pages of dialogue to shoot which all happens during dusk (after sunset) but due to the time restraint we have to achieve this by shooting day time and hopefully overcast day. The location is 1860's Australian town so there would be candle lights from the houses coming by this time so I can light it warm hitting their faces but challenge is the daylight..especially a lot of extra work would have to be done if its not overcast. I plan to use butterfly scrims and even some negative fill Alternatively I thought what if it was shot at night and light the background as an even dimm ambient light and simply replace the sky digitally. But yeah any ideas would be appreciated.
  4. Hi Everyone Only recently found this site, so this is my first post :) I am currently shooting a feature called The Legend Of Ben Hall on Red Epic and Scarlet. It's a lesser known story that happened about 15 years before Ned Kelly. But Ben Hall's story is quiet an amazing one. Synopsis: "Australia, 1864. Ben Hall rejoins with his old cohort John Gilbert and taking on a new gang member John Dunn, the trio quickly become the most wanted men in Australian history. As the law closes in around them, Hall struggles to reconcile his tortured past and escape his inevitable demise" Basically its a crowd funded project and it went from being a short film (40min) to now a feature film. We have cut a trailer which I also was DI for and will be for the film..which is absolute blessing as a cinematographer :) Here is the teaser trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnQWHext6eQ We are also raising funds to finish the last block of shooting on indiegogo https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-legend-of-ben-hall-feature-film-western Hope you enjoy :) Cheers, Peter
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