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    5DII, 60D, D7000, FZ1000, many medium format systems and digital backs - I'm a gaffer, so if you ask me what lighting and grip I have...now we're talking (enough to light up a 5000 sf studio with a 100' cyc and have left the equiv of a 5 ton lighting and grip truck...about 500 lights.
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    Recreating f/x and natural phenomena, match lighting for chromakey, chromatte, replicating period lighting styles, and whenever you need great lighting in a time and cost-efficient manner. Because of my extensive career as a commercial photographer before being gaffer, I also do very nice production and BTS stills, when the lighting is done. I have wide-ranging interests and skills, crossing over into grip and camera, so there is never a shortage of what I can help a production with. Looking for allied pros to join forces with to better utilize assets, or to help me to setups and tests in exchange for rental credits.

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    Mir Lada
  1. Boa Solutions Inc. 222 Islington Ave, unit 13 Etobicoke , ON M8V3W7 Open by app't, to suit production schedules, 24/7/365, but generally there 10am-8pm M-F, unless a booking is happening earlier. Website and pricelist going through huge update, and will all be at http://www.boa.solutions . Before that, please contact me for gear availibility / suggestions, and go to http://www.boastudios.com for the studio spaces I rep. Hi, I am Mir Lada, a Lighting Designer / Gaffer / Grip / Production Still Photographer that is owner / operator of this boutique motion and still production equipm
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