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  1. Hey all, I currently have a Switronix LP150 powering both my A7s and Shogun with respective custom P-Tap cables (A7s cable is regulated, I think - Wooden Camera, Shogun cable isn't). I'm looking to buy this thing to extend the reach of both cable: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1171544-REG/indipro_tools_rk301_4_way_d_tap_splitter.html Am I going to fry anything? There's an identical model that's Wooden Camera for $10 extra bucks as well - should I go for that? Thanks, Alex
  2. Hey all, On the verge of buying an A7s and coupling with an Atomos Blade or Shogun. I had a little play with the camera, but only recorded internally. I noticed, in gradations in shadows, flares, etc... some noticeable banding. The crunchy stuff. I understand it's 8-bit overall... but can someone help me understand how recording via 'uncompressed' HDMI out will improve the image? Isn't it basically H.264, wrapping in Sony's codec nonsense, which gets recorded internally? So going uncompressed -> 422 (at 1080 or 4K) is going to improve... what? Anything noticable? Thanks! Alex
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