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  1. Thanks Mark, I'll try it and show or talk about the results here.
  2. Indeed, it must be so. But, I have the feeling that it's also the case with flipbooks and that early machines with little photo's to look through. I think in these cases the exposure and alignment is quite the same. That's the reason why I mentioned frame rate. Because I have the feeling there's something in seeing multiple still pictures instead of a real flow. Sometimes it's also a bit like watching with an old projector. You have the feeling of still images with a black image in between. Why I'm asking this is because I'm thinking of making something with the same kind of effect or flow, but with modern techniques. Anyone any idea how to make something like this today? Imo it's a very interesting experiment. Thanks for the information Mark! Very interesting man I see. The father of cinema, they call him.
  3. Hi everyone, Lately, I came across this video on youtube about Gilles Deleuze's Film Theory. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaXQdjMxG6E As the intellectual content of the video interested me a lot, it was the footage that hypnotised me with it's study of pure, simple, monumental movements, as found in the very first film experiments. (can someone confirm the date and origin of these images by the way?) Now, what I would really like to know is what it is that makes these movements so beautiful? In my view, it has something to do with the materiality of the filmprocess itself, that comes to the surface by using low frame rates and thus making the process of multiple still images turning in one moving image very touchable and visible. Now, there has to be more. I did some experiments but did not come to a feeling of movement as in these little shots. Can someone, besides a general discussion about this, tell me some technical stuff about these images? Thanks! Sander
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