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  1. Thanks you guys! I can't believe I forgot about the Bolex having a built in frame counter, I've used one several times...
  2. Hi all! So I have an experiment in mind. I would like to shoot some drawn animation under camera (16 or 35)... but I need the ability to rewind to a precise frame to do another exposure. Most of the setup I can put together for the shooting, but I am unsure which cameras have the ability to rewind like this. With the film being so short even shooting it on 35 wouldn't be cost prohibitive. And lastly, I usually scan my drawings or even draw them digitally to begin with, but I want to experiment with this approach for my own enjoyment (even if it is more laborious)
  3. Robert and Simon, thanks for your replies... I bought the film because it was cheap and I also needed something to test cameras with and, if all else fails, have a dummy load to practice loading and teaching others how to load... Of course I hope the film will still be of use on a short. I am curious, will a test from the densitometer reveal the presence of the strange streaking I 've seen on other's expired film shoots?
  4. Hi! So I am new to the world of 16mm... I may well be the only student at my Uni shooting 16mm. I haven't shot much yet, but am eager to learn! This will be the summer of 16 for me! I bought a box of cans of 100' expired color Fuji 500D (from mid to late 90s guessing). I am planning on rating it at around 120 or so... But what is everyone's reccomended method of testing a roll? Shooting a annotated test card at several settings, then clipping that footage (Maybe 1 minute long?) and sending it to a lab would be my guess. From the lab tech perspective, what should I ask for in ter
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