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  1. I'm sorry, I think I miscommunicated - my bad. When I said "shoestring budget", I meant something less than a quarter of what you're referring to, and when I said "tolerable-quality", I meant "impressive to someone who had never seen a moving picture before. I think I may have come to the wrong place - this website is for serious semi-professionals. I want the best bang for my buck, bearing in mind that my buck is essentially loose change and the bang I'd be looking for is the film equivalent of pop caps.
  2. I know essentially nothing about cinematography or film making - I'm just making a youtube series to satisfy my overblown ego and placate my own sense of inadequacy expand on my satirical blog. I'm running on a shoestring budget, I have next to no experience, and I have no equipment. So what kind of camera, microphone, and software could I get for very little money that would still allow me to make tolerable-quality little videos? Thanks!
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