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  1. Frame grab from my new video assist setup using a CCTV camera with my Bolex H16. (It's of a potted plant sitting in front of my refrigerator, for reference lol). Captured in iStopmotion via DV camcorder as passthrough device; modifications made: gamma +25%. Sort of let down a bit with the quality, but then again it's video assist, and expecting it to be like the preview on a camcorder is unrealistic. As far as homemade video assists go, is this quality horrible? I just wanted a way I could basically capture animation preview, run through it and do basic frame / composition checking. I am a bit worried about the feasibility of using this under low-light circumstances.
  2. Apologies for double post, just found this: https://www.flickr.com/photos/eoorider/5281803660/ Might be worth investing in a setup like this?
  3. The phone camera against the viewfinder trick works, but it can't quite get close enough due to the design, so there is quite a bit of vignetting over the image. I think I am going to build a rig that attaches the eye from a webcam to a small clip that sits on the viewfinder and can be removed. Resolution / quality is only kind of an issue because I use digital frame store, and preview animation digitally as I shoot it. Another option would be removing the viewfinder tube and building an extension tube with another magnifying lens. This would be a setup that I would be using for awhile once built, and wouldn't have to take it down right away. Maybe something with a lens like this: http://www.sciplus.com/p/LENS-ACH--14-DIA-28-FL_27034
  4. Thanks, I was able to get it to tighten down after following your instructions. Since I'm using this camera for stop-motion animation - would it be possible to build a rig to give a live video preview through the viewfinder? I'm thinking of maybe somehow hooking up the eye from a webcam, but I feel like getting high enough resolution might be an issue.
  5. I just bought a new Switar 10mm preset model online for a little over $400. I've seen them over $1,000, so I think this was a good price relatively speaking. Thanks for the info on the books, I'd like to get ahold of the animation book eventually, at the very least. I also tested loading film and running film last night; I've kept a reel for practice. I've found conflicting information on whether it need be loaded in full darkness or subdued light. Video tutorials show it being loaded in light, the canister itself says to open only in total darkness. In any event, it ran fine once it got threaded through, although it definitely takes a steady hand.
  6. Thanks to both for the replies. I'm animating clay models that are around mini dollhouse size, about 2 to 4 inches tall, as opposed to large scale models, so I will need a lens that can focus quite close (6" or less). To Brian, I forgot to mention - the camera did come with a dark bag and several rolls of now expired film, so I'm going to do some tests just to make sure it runs well. It delivers precisely 28 seconds of continuous shooting on a full wind @ 24 fps, as the manual indicates, so I know the motor is in good condition. The only flaw I have found is that the eyesight-adjustable viewfinder screw doesn't tighten, so the viewfinder moves out of position when you press your eye to it. I would imagine replacement screws must be available somehow.
  7. I have a filmmaker friend who recently gave me his old Bolex H16 Reflex absolutely free over the holiday season. He has since graduated to a high-end digital setup, but said that the H16 Reflex properly cared for will give many years of service and can deliver great results for low-budget filmmakers. I'm a student, so low-budget pretty accurately describes my operation. However I'd be willing to invest in a lens that would suit my needs. I do stop-motion animation (seeking a BFA in Animation), and would like to use film for my project. The Bolex came with a pistol grip, a supplemental film magazine, cable release and a Vario Switar 18-86mm f. 25 OE lens. I'm wondering: what kind of lenses / accessories would I need to make the H16 Reflex suitable for stop motion animation? The lens I'm currently looking at is a Kern Switar 10mm f 1.6. Apologies for lack of knowledge, as I am an amateur. Thanks!
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