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  1. Thank you so much for the information, in relation to the equipment i have decided with 3 x Canon 5D Mark 3 and one Canon 60D with an assortment of lenses and support equipment.
  2. Initially i would like to send a mix of experienced freelancers and my own staff, so 2 of each.. hiring experienced people on a permanent basis is too expensive to start with.
  3. Hi All, Hope you are well, i needed some advice and after loads of research on the internet someone recommended for me to come on here as i cant seem to find any solid answers. I am looking to set up a new photography and cinematography company in the next few months, and was hoping you guys can help me with the following: What cameras and lenses do i need to invest in? I will be sending out 3 videographers/cinematographers and 1 photographer to each event (mostly weddings). Also i would like to keep costs down but appreciate that i may need to pay that extra bit for quality.
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