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  1. I'm looking to put together a totally independent, non-union project that would effectively be a promo/ad. I'm wondering if anyone here could give me some info on average rates for high-end cinematographers (those who shoot national commercials/music videos) for a day shoot. Also averages for DPs who are a little less established? Any info is much appreciated! Thanks everyone
  2. I'm looking to buy a high quality external blu ray player for a MacBook Pro and am wondering if anyone here can offer advice on the best options available. There are basically three things I'm looking for. 1). Easy of use/compatibility with MacBook Pro 2). Region free 3). Able to copy/burn high quality blu rays I don't know if there is a machine out there that does even those three things, but I'd very interested to hear some suggestions! Appreciate it guys!
  3. Thanks guys. I figured much of that was accomplished in post. Is that a pretty simple effect to pull off?
  4. Wondering if someone can explain to me how this lighting effect is achieved and what it's called: It's kind of like an oval of light around the subject....with dark edges. I've seen it a few other places. Thanks.
  5. Okay, I see. If I may, is that something that you as a cinematographer, David, would personally feel comfortable with?
  6. Would it be possible to reframe shots with an Alexa in the same way that Errol and Mr. Chappell are reframing their 4K footage even though the Alexa is not a true 4K camera? Would it be possible if one were not shooting open gate?
  7. Do you have any suggestions on how to find a great colorist?
  8. Anyone here have experience with Company 3 for DI work? How are they? I believe they're one of the best out there?
  9. I know that the cost of color timing varies extremely, but I'm wondering if someone might be able to give me a ballpark range of the cost of a short film of about 20 minutes,. Also wondering what a state of the art company such as E Film would charge to grade a 20 minute short. I'm guessing for a film of that size, it would be an hourly rate? I emailed them, but they never responded. Thanks. Also, as an aside, does E Film do DCP creation?
  10. I think it really is an issue of trailers being 1080p and resized to 2K as David mentioned. Certainly there are problems with the timing of trailers, ect. but the easy way to judge is just by looking at the green band at the beginning of the trailer; just looking at the text, if you are close up toward the screen, you can see a serious difference in the pixel quality of the trailers and the features. The trailers look like they are on a high quality laptop. But I'm still surprised that most films are projected at 2K. I really didn't know that. Is there a huge difference between a 2K and 4K DCP?
  11. Really, only 12-15 movies a year are released in 4K DCPs?
  12. It seems that there is a pretty substantial DCP quality difference in trailers vs a feature in an average cinema now. So is a feature most commonly projected via a 4K DCP in a cinema and the trailers projected at 2K or something like that?
  13. Thank you so much Robert and thank you Satsuki for the help!! I'm just wondering if you might know if the interviews you shoot with Errol are shot using boom mics, since we never see lavalier mics on the subjects. Also, do you have an opinion on the Canon C500? Would you feel as comfortable shooting an interview with a C500 as you would a Red? Thank you again!
  14. That's seems smart. Yeah, I emailed AbelCine and they seem great, but the prices are so high. So much higher than Adorama. Then I just had a friend who has had a lot of experience with them tell me they were pretty good, so... But that makes sense about what you said. Are you basically just out of luck if there is a problem at checkout?
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