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  1. Not to my knowledge, Paul over at Visual Products in Ohio looked it over completely and didn't mention repairing a loose pressure plate. When loaded film in last, it seemed fine and 'locked'/snapped in with no issue.
  2. Hi David, if you would click this link it should bring you right to where the footage from the IIB was used. Everything between the 2:42 to the 3:02 mark was shot on the camera. Stability looks fine to me, no problems with registration. https://youtu.be/mdt7fnaHJPQ?t=2m42s
  3. Hello, I'm selling my Arriflex 35IIB. Just had it serviced by Paul over at Visual Products. Bid is at $600 and the buy it now is priced at $800. Bought this a year ago from a man who maintained arris and claimed that this very camera was owned by Stanley Kubrics chess partner. Check the link https://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/172154561159 Also selling the Arriflex matte box that goes with it, priced at $150 https://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/172154555037 And this 40 mm kilfitt munchen makro kilar lens for arri standard mount. $250 https://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/172154561729 Only selling everything because I just purchased an arri super 16 that I'll be using more often. Thanks
  4. I'd like you guys to check out a film I've been working on for a bit now. The original plan was to shoot exclusively on 35 but our camera broke and we finished it on digital. I really do take pride in composition and mise en scene, but fluidity of narrative is where I can do so much better. Please give it a watch, it's just 5 minutes of your day, and if you aren't sold in the first 30 seconds, shut it off. We shot this on an arri 35 IIb and a 60D. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdt7fnaHJPQ&feature=autoshare
  5. Thanks for you help everyone, it was in fact the upper loop that I've neglected. One last question that's unrelated. After I load the mag in the dark, do I have to place the loop into the film gate in the dark as well, or is that something that can be done in the light?
  6. Okay I think this is a little more complicated than I thought. I will try to post a video tonight. Thank you all!
  7. The loop size is correct. Can you elaborate on what you mean when you say the film is being laced in the gate at the wrong perf?
  8. Okay great. The loop does look like that after it's loaded into the camera body, but after I roll the motor, it does tighten up and makes contact with the knob.
  9. Hi all, I'm going to try my best to describe my troubles in hopes that someone will understand what I'm talking about. Basically when I run film through my Arri 2b, the film (or more specifically the perforations) hit against the small knob/gear that says "Fette (Grease)". I don't think it is damaging the film too much, but it just doesn't seem right. Here's a photo of the knob/gear I am talking about. I have a shoot coming up soon, so anyone with insight please let me know ASAP. Thanks
  10. Hi, I'm looking online for an arri 2b manual but can only find the 2c. Thank you!
  11. Okay bear with me. I am shooting on 35mm for the first time, and basically I want to teach myself how to load the camera in the dark, but not waste any actual film in the process of learning. Do they sell practice rolls anywhere? (Rolls dedicated to becoming familiar with loading/unloading etc.) Worse case scenario: I steal some forgotten roll of film from my school's splicing lab. Thanks!
  12. Hello, basically looking for what the title says. I have an arriflex 35mm IIB, and the cameras mount is a Arriflex standard mount. Having some trouble looking for a place to rent or buy low cost lens. I've searched eBay but it's proving to be few and far in between. Thanks!
  13. Hi, first time posting here. Basically I just purchased an arriflex 35mm IIB. I have searched ebay for lens' to fit this camera, but coming across a lens with this mount is proving difficult. Also I was just recently taught that there are different lenses suited to cover a 16mm and 35mm camera, so although they have the same mount, a 16mm lens would cause vignetting among other things if used on my 35mm camera. But a lot of the listings don't state whether or not they are suited for a 35mm camera. Could you guys recommend a vendor who would supply these, or any other useful knowledge I should know when searching for a lens? Thanks
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