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  1. In my opinion Apple is still a overated brand, they are good and all but it's too much publicity and marketing, they built a "name" and that's pretty much what their products are based on. Same goes for the "beats". Any Windows work station or laptop can do the same as any Apple, in my opinion.
  2. Once again thank you so much for your opinion, I profoundly appreciate it. Those were some of the main reasons why I was choosing the 70D, and also because I can't afford the 5D Mark II, otherwise that's the one I would buy. I will most definitely be checking the camera you suggested. I am aware that macbook pro is indeed a great laptop to edit video, however I'd never betray myself into buying a macbook. There's multiple windows laptops who can be was good as some mac's, like the one I mentioned. It was also suggested as one of the best work stations in 2014 for video editing.
  3. Thank you very much for your opinion, but I have to keep in mind that I'm not going to go fully professional on this - I'm currently studying Photojournalism and Digital Video, but I'll be finishing this year, and if lucky, I'll try studying in Wien's Academy of Fine Arts where I will most likely proceed in the studies of cinema - at least not for now. I do want to invest, and feel like I have bought something that I am happy and comfortable with. I will look into your suggestions, but your very own words, I'm wondering if it might be a bit too professional for now ? Hence I was leaning more for a "okay" DSLR, since a lot of great short films are made with those nowadays. I'd be looking more into both fictional and documentary. I have no experience with fictional however. And most likely towards the cinematographer side, but renting wouldn't do it for me and there isn't any place nearby where I could get that done either. I have a friend who has a few light equipments and those are the ones I'd be using for now, until I purchase my own. The reason why I wouldn't like to be highering my budget any more, is because I'll also be purchasing a new laptop - most likely a 'Asus ROG GL551JM' since it has been considered one of the greatested laptops for video editing due to his 16GB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M. Once again, thank you so much for your opinion, and I will most certainly look into it!
  4. I'd always be taking a risk in buying a used one ... How much would it be?
  5. Since I'm only a started in this, and if I do end up getting a job in the fill or anything related, then in that time I'd like to purchase a really good and expensive one, but in the mean time I wouldn't like to spend any more than 600€ - 1,500€ in a DSLR, so that's probably how far I'd go on my budget... -_- I own 2 lens, a 18-55mm and a 70-300mm, and I'm buying a 50mm when I purchase the camera (however I probably didn't make it clear, but I'm only looking for a body camera, no lens included). I also own a basic tripod from 'Hama' and a videomic go from 'Rode' which has been pretty decent for me so far.
  6. Exactly, one of the main reasons why I am thinking about a Canon. do you experience more video, or photography? If so, which cameras do you have? And would you recommend them? I've worked mostly with Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas, however I prefer Premiere.
  7. I've became really passionate with Cinema in the past 3 years, and before that I was already passionate about photography, for about 6/7 years now. And so I've decided that I'd like to experiment on this journey of filmmaking since it's something I quite enjoy doing and am currently studying. There's a lot of independet DSLR filmmakers now which is amazing. And so I've decided to buy a new camera! From my previous experience with photography, I'm more of a Canon fan since I first started with the classic Canon AE-1. I don't really have a big budget, but I'd like to invest in something that has quality and is worth the price, and that will be able to last me a couple of years until something greater comes along or I am able to afford a better one. Since I am between photography and filmmaking, I was looking for a camera with both. Or would it be better to just invest in a filmmaking camera? (I own a Canon 1000D for photography, but it doesn't capture video.) And if I do go for a DSLR with both photography and video, I thought about Canon 70D, since I can't afford a Canon 5D and I think it might be a little out of my league yet. So please, I'd appreciate some opinions if possible! :)
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