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Dmitriy Mulenko

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    Canon 5D mark III, BlackMagic, RED
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    Dmitriy Mulenko - Cinematographer, Filmmaker, Editor, Director.

    You can find all details at http://mulenko.com

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  1. Guys, I have a proposal to follow each other's instagram to look what are we doing, to share with each other our impression and our passion in images. Just write in this Topic link to your instagram. Let's be in touch. My instagram: instagram.com/d.mulenko
  2. Working on the traveling TV show now. Picture made few days ago on the parking, near the Austin, Texas. Not every day can be in forum. You can follow me to see and discuss other my photos. instagram.com/d.mulenko Want to hear your opinions, guys.
  3. Want to know your opinion about my reel. Camera used: Canon 5D mark III and BlackMagic https://vimeo.com/116051988
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